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Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE)
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High mobility organic thin film transistor and efficient photovoltaic devices using versatile donor–acceptor polymer semiconductor by molecular design
P Sonar, SP Singh, Y Li, ZE Ooi, T Ha, I Wong, MS Soh, A Dodabalapur
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (6), 2288-2296, 2011
Identifying fundamental limitations in halide perovskite solar cells
WL Leong, ZE Ooi, D Sabba, C Yi, SM Zakeeruddin, M Graetzel, ...
Advanced Materials 28 (12), 2439-2445, 2016
Solution processable bulk-heterojunction solar cells using a small molecule acceptor
ZE Ooi, TL Tam, RYC Shin, ZK Chen, A Sellinger, M Baumgarten, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 18 (39), 4619-4622, 2008
Roadmap on finding chiral valleys: screening 2D materials for valleytronics
F Bussolotti, H Kawai, ZE Ooi, V Chellappan, D Thian, ALC Pang, ...
Nano Futures 2 (3), 032001, 2018
On the pseudo-symmetric current–voltage response of bulk heterojunction solar cells
ZE Ooi, R Jin, J Huang, YF Loo, A Sellinger, JC DeMello
Journal of Materials Chemistry 18 (14), 1644-1651, 2008
Poly (2, 5-bis (2-octyldodecyl)-3, 6-di (furan-2-yl)-2, 5-dihydro-pyrrolo [3, 4-c] pyrrole-1, 4-dione-co-thieno [3, 2-b] thiophene): A high performance polymer semiconductor …
Y Li, P Sonar, SP Singh, ZE Ooi, ESH Lek, MQY Loh
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 (19), 7162-7169, 2012
Enhanced extraction rates through gap states of molybdenum oxide anode buffer
B Dasgupta, WP Goh, ZE Ooi, LM Wong, CY Jiang, Y Ren, ES Tok, J Pan, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (18), 9206-9211, 2013
Investigating the stability of defects in MoO3 and its role in organic solar cells
SY Chiam, B Dasgupta, D Soler, MY Leung, H Liu, ZE Ooi, LM Wong, ...
Solar energy materials and solar cells 99, 197-203, 2012
6, 13-Dicyano pentacene-2, 3: 9, 10-bis (dicarboximide) for solution-processed air-stable n-channel field effect transistors and complementary circuit
J Chang, H Qu, OOI Zi-En, J Zhang, Z Chen, J Wu, C Chi
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (3), 456-462, 2013
Field-dependent carrier generation in bulk heterojunction solar cells
ZE Ooi, TL Tam, A Sellinger, JC Demello
Energy & Environmental Science 1 (2), 300-309, 2008
Quantum Transport in Two-Dimensional WS2 with High-Efficiency Carrier Injection through Indium Alloy Contacts
CS Lau, JY Chee, YS Ang, SW Tong, L Cao, ZE Ooi, T Wang, LK Ang, ...
ACS nano 14 (10), 13700-13708, 2020
Electrical characteristics of zinc oxide-organic semiconductor lateral heterostructure based hybrid field-effect bipolar transistors
SP Singh, ZE Ooi, SNL Geok, GKL Goh, A Dodabalapur
Applied Physics Letters 98 (7), 2011
Gate‐Defined Quantum Confinement in CVD 2D WS2
CS Lau, JY Chee, L Cao, ZE Ooi, SW Tong, M Bosman, F Bussolotti, ...
Advanced Materials 34 (25), 2103907, 2022
Scanning photocurrent microscopy of lateral organic bulk heterojunctions
CJ Lombardo, MS Glaz, ZE Ooi, DAV Bout, A Dodabalapur
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 (38), 13199-13203, 2012
Analysis of photocurrents in lateral-geometry organic bulk heterojunction devices
ZE Ooi, KL Chan, CJ Lombardo, A Dodabalapur
Applied Physics Letters 101 (5), 2012
Toward valley‐coupled spin qubits
KEJ Goh, F Bussolotti, CS Lau, D Kotekar‐Patil, ZE Ooi, JY Chee
Advanced Quantum Technologies 3 (6), 1900123, 2020
ZnO layers for opto-electronic applications from solution-based and low-temperature processing of an organometallic precursor
TRB Foong, SP Singh, P Sonar, ZE Ooi, KL Chan, A Dodabalapur
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (39), 20896-20901, 2012
Electrical characteristics of lateral organic bulk heterojunction device structures
C Lombardo, ZE Ooi, E Danielson, A Dodabalapur
Organic electronics 13 (7), 1185-1191, 2012
Effect of Phonons on Valley Depolarization in Monolayer WSe2
V Chellappan, ALC Pang, S Sarkar, ZE Ooi, KEJ Goh
Electronic Materials Letters 14, 766-773, 2018
Defect passivation using a phosphonic acid surface modifier for efficient RP perovskite blue-light-emitting diodes
JK Mishra, N Yantara, A Kanwat, T Furuhashi, S Ramesh, T Salim, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 14 (30), 34238-34246, 2022
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