Rosalyn Rael
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Emergent neutrality or hidden niches?
G Barabás, R D’andrea, R Rael, G Meszéna, A Ostling
Oikos 122 (11), 1565-1572, 2013
COVID-19 reopening strategies at the county level in the face of uncertainty: Multiple Models for Outbreak Decision Support
K Shea, RK Borchering, WJM Probert, E Howerton, TL Bogich, S Li, ...
Medrxiv, 2020
Disturbance, reassembly, and disease risk in socioecological systems
RC Rael, AC Peterson, BM Ghersi, J Childs, MJ Blum
EcoHealth 13, 450-455, 2016
Rat lungworm infection in rodents across post-Katrina New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
RC Rael, AC Peterson, B Ghersi-Chavez, C Riegel, AE Lesen, MJ Blum
Emerging Infectious Diseases 24 (12), 2176, 2018
Sustaining economic exploitation of complex ecosystems in computational models of coupled human-natural networks
N Martinez, P Tonnin, B Bauer, R Rael, R Singh, S Yoon, I Yoon, J Dunne
Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 26 (1), 326-334, 2012
Competitive outcomes changed by evolution
RC Rael, TL Vincent, JM Cushing
Journal of Biological Dynamics 5 (3), 227-252, 2011
Emergent niche structuring leads to increased differences from neutrality in species abundance distributions
RC Rael, R D'Andrea, G Barabás, A Ostling
Ecology 99 (7), 1633-1643, 2018
Modeling the influence of polls on elections: a population dynamics approach
JM Restrepo, RC Rael, JM Hyman
Public Choice 140, 395-420, 2009
Using stage-structured evolutionary game theory to model the experimentally observed evolution of a genetic polymorphism
RC Rael, RF Costantino, JM Cushing, TL Vincent
Evolutionary Ecology Research 11 (2), 141-151, 2009
Evolution of corn oil sensitivity in the flour beetle
R Rael, TL Vincent, RF Costantino, JM Cushing
Advances in Dynamic Game Theory: Numerical Methods, Algorithms, and …, 2007
Indirect energy flows in niche model food webs: Effects of size and connectance
J Shevtsov, R Rael
Plos one 10 (10), e0137829, 2015
A flow network model for animal movement on a landscape with application to invasion
R Rael, C Taylor
Theoretical Ecology 11, 271-280, 2018
Comparing theory and data on multi-species interactions using evolutionary game theory
RC Rael
The University of Arizona, 2009
Multiple models for outbreak decision support in the face of uncertainty
K Shea, RK Borchering, WJM Probert, E Howerton, TL Bogich, SL Li, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120 (18), e2207537120, 2023
Feature Importance and Classification from Disparate Data Streams for Facility Pattern-of-Life Characterization in the Context of Nuclear Safeguards
E Casleton, P Mendoza, R Rael, J Woodring, V Henzl
Los Alamos National Lab.(LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States), 2021
To Bt or Not to Bt? Balancing Spatial Genetic Heterogeneity to Control the Evolution of Ostrinia nubilalis
C Miller, A Munoz, F Pena, R Rael, AA Yakubu
The effects of allelochemical transfer on the dynamics of hosts, parasitoids, and competing hyperparasitoids
MP Zimmerman, DM Chan, KM Kester, RC Rael, SL Robertson
Natural Resource Modeling 34 (3), e12311, 2021
Theoretical Considerations when Defining Uncertainty Bounds
KL Van Buren, RC Rael, D Vaughan, KS Hickmann, MB Prime, ...
Los Alamos National Lab.(LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States), 2020
Comparison of SARS-CoV-2 infection in two non-human primate species: rhesus and cynomolgus macaques (preprint)
KP Boszormenyi, MA Stammes, ZC Fagrouch, G Kiemenyi-Kayere, ...
A Workflow of Integrated Resources to Catalyze Network Pharmacology Driven COVID-19 Research (preprint)
G Zahoranszky-Kohalmi, VB Siramshetty, P Kumar, M Gurumurthy, ...
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