Jose R. A. Godinho
Jose R. A. Godinho
Helmholtz Institute Freiberg, Helmholtz-Zentrum
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Effect of surface orientation on dissolution rates and topography of CaF 2
JRA Godinho, S Piazolo, LZ Evins
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Effect of surface orientation on dissolution rates and topography of CaF2
JRA Godinho, S Piazolo, LZ Evins
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 86, 392-403, 2012
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Time-lapse 3D imaging of calcite precipitation in a microporous column
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Simulation-based exergy and LCA analysis of aluminum recycling: Linking predictive physical separation and re-melting process models with specific alloy production
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Spectral X‐ray computed micro tomography: 3‐dimensional chemical imaging
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X‐Ray Spectrometry 50 (2), 92-105, 2021
Volume quantification in interphase voxels of ore minerals using 3D imaging
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The old, unique C1 chondrite Flensburg–insight into the first processes of aqueous alteration, brecciation, and the diversity of water-bearing parent bodies and lithologies
A Bischoff, CMOD Alexander, JA Barrat, C Burkhardt, H Busemann, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 293, 142-186, 2021
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