Michele Nati
Michele Nati
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Hivatkozott rá
A survey on facilities for experimental internet of things research
A Gluhak, S Krco, M Nati, D Pfisterer, N Mitton, T Razafindralambo
IEEE Communications Magazine 49 (11), 58-67, 2011
Individual energy use and feedback in an office setting: A field trial
N Murtagh, M Nati, WR Headley, B Gatersleben, A Gluhak, MA Imran, ...
Energy policy 62, 717-728, 2013
ALBA-R: Load-balancing geographic routing around connectivity holes in wireless sensor networks
C Petrioli, M Nati, P Casari, M Zorzi, S Basagni
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Low-power appliance monitoring using factorial hidden markov models
A Zoha, A Gluhak, M Nati, MA Imran
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Smartcampus: A user-centric testbed for internet of things experimentation
M Nati, A Gluhak, H Abangar, W Headley
2013 16th International symposium on wireless personal multimedia …, 2013
Neighbor discovery for opportunistic networking in internet of things scenarios: A survey
R Pozza, M Nati, S Georgoulas, K Moessner, A Gluhak
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Efficient non-planar routing around dead ends in sparse topologies using random forwarding
P Casari, M Nati, C Petrioli, M Zorzi
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Contextual occupancy detection for smart office by pattern recognition of electricity consumption data
A Akbar, M Nati, F Carrez, K Moessner
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Mind my value: a decentralized infrastructure for fair and trusted iot data trading
P Missier, S Bajoudah, A Capossele, A Gaglione, M Nati
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A detailed simulation study of geographic random forwarding (GeRaF) in wireless sensor networks
P Casari, A Marcucci, M Nati, C Petrioli, M Zorzi
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IRIS: Integrated data gathering and interest dissemination system for wireless sensor networks
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ALBA: An adaptive load-balanced algorithm for geographic forwarding in wireless sensor networks
P Casari, M Nati, C Petrioli, M Zorzi
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Ellipsoidal neighbourhood outlier factor for distributed anomaly detection in resource constrained networks
S Rajasegarar, A Gluhak, MA Imran, M Nati, M Moshtaghi, C Leckie, ...
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Mind the plug! Laptop-user recognition through power consumption
M Conti, M Nati, E Rotundo, R Spolaor
Proceedings of the 2nd ACM International Workshop on IoT Privacy, Trust, and …, 2016
Accurate detection of real-world social interactions with smartphones
N Palaghias, SA Hoseinitabatabaei, M Nati, A Gluhak, K Moessner
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Univariate and multivariate time series manifold learning
C O’Reilly, K Moessner, M Nati
Knowledge-Based Systems 133, 1-16, 2017
IoT Lab: Towards co-design and IoT solution testing using the crowd
J Fernandes, M Nati, NS Loumis, S Nikoletseas, TP Raptis, S Krco, ...
2015 International Conference on Recent Advances in Internet of Things (RIoT …, 2015
Localization error-resilient geographic routing for wireless sensor networks
S Basagni, M Nati, C Petrioli
IEEE GLOBECOM 2008-2008 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, 1-6, 2008
Validation of WSN simulators through a comparison with a real testbed
L Bergamini, C Crociani, A Vitaletti, M Nati
Proceedings of the 7th ACM workshop on Performance evaluation of wireless ad …, 2010
Soft actuation: Smart home and office with human-in-the-loop
J Domaszewicz, S Lalis, A Pruszkowski, M Koutsoubelias, T Tajmajer, ...
IEEE Pervasive computing 15 (1), 48-56, 2016
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