Rakib Hassan
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A rapid burst in hotspot motion through the interaction of tectonics and deep mantle flow
R Hassan, RD Müller, M Gurnis, SE Williams, N Flament
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Provenance of plumes in global convection models
R Hassan, N Flament, M Gurnis, DJ Bower, D Müller
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AL Kirkby, F Zhang, J Peacock, R Hassan, J Duan
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The coherency of ambient seismic noise recorded during land surveys and the resulting implications for the effectiveness of geophone arrays
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The influence of carbonate platform interactions with subduction zone volcanism on palaeo-atmospheric CO2 since the Devonian
J Pall, S Zahirovic, S Doss, R Hassan, KJ Matthews, J Cannon, M Gurnis, ...
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B Hejrani, J Zhao, K Czarnota, A Valentine, R Hawkins, MS Sambridge, ...
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Visualisation tools for public participation in the management of landscape change
D Miller, J Morrice, L Anderson, E Durozard, B Fidalgo, G Fry, J Gaspar, ...
Final Report. European Commission, 2005
Uncover-ML: a machine learning pipeline for geoscience data analysis
JR Wilford, F Zhang, D Steinberg, L McCalman, B Moushall, R Hassan, ...
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Linear feature detection on GPUs
L Domanski, C Sun, R Hassan, P Vallotton, D Wang
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MW Haynes, A Gorbatov, B Hejrani, R Hassan, J Zhao, F Zhang, ...
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High-performance seismological tools (HiPerSeis)
R Hassan, B Hejrani, F Zhang, A Gorbatov, A Medlin
Geoscience Australia, 2020
AusArray: quality passive seismic data to underpin updatable national velocity models of the lithosphere
A Gorbatov, B Hejrani, F Zhang, A Medlin, M Costelloe, C Bugden, ...
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Tectonic and geodynamic evolution of the northern Australian margin and New Guinea
J Tobin, S Zahirovic, R Hassan, P Rey
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SPGM: A scalable PaleoGeomorphology model
R Hassan, M Gurnis, SE Williams, RD Müller
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Field Measurements of Land Seismic Ambient Noise and Their Implications for the Effectiveness of Geophone Arrays
T Dean, JC Dupuis, R Hassan
76th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2014 2014 (1), 1-5, 2014
Comparative Study Methods of Trajectory Tracking Control for Robot Manipulator (Dept. E)
R Hassan, F Bendary, K Elserafi, A Ghanem, M Soliman
MEJ. Mansoura Engineering Journal 40 (4), 1-12, 2020
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