Dr R.S. Anand
Dr R.S. Anand
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Epileptic seizure detection using DWT based fuzzy approximate entropy and support vector machine
Y Kumar, ML Dewal, RS Anand
Neurocomputing 133, 271-279, 2014
Epileptic seizures detection in EEG using DWT-based ApEn and artificial neural network
Y Kumar, ML Dewal, RS Anand
Signal, Image and Video Processing 8 (7), 1323-1334, 2014
Flaw detection in radiographic weld images using morphological approach
RS Anand, P Kumar
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Color image segmentation for medical images using L* a* b* color space
PJ Baldevbhai, RS Anand
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Nonsubsampled shearlet based CT and MR medical image fusion using biologically inspired spiking neural network
S Singh, D Gupta, RS Anand, V Kumar
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 18, 91-101, 2015
An ant colony system approach for unit commitment problem
SP Simon, NP Padhy, RS Anand
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 28 (5), 315-323, 2006
Edge preserved image enhancement using adaptive fusion of images denoised by wavelet and curvelet transform
GG Bhutada, RS Anand, SC Saxena
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A hybrid edge-based segmentation approach for ultrasound medical images
D Gupta, RS Anand
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 31, 116-126, 2017
A transfer learning approach for AI-based classification of brain tumors
R Mehrotra, MA Ansari, R Agrawal, RS Anand
Machine Learning with Applications 2, 100003, 2020
Image quality based comparative evaluation of wavelet filters in ultrasound speckle reduction
A Thakur, RS Anand
Digital Signal Processing 15 (5), 455-465, 2005
A hybrid segmentation method based on Gaussian kernel fuzzy clustering and region based active contour model for ultrasound medical images
D Gupta, RS Anand, B Tyagi
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Non-aggregating solvatochromic bipolar benzo [f] quinolines and benzo [a] acridines for organic electronics
A Goel, V Kumar, SP Singh, A Sharma, S Prakash, C Singh, RS Anand
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Current trends in segmentation of medical ultrasound B-mode images: a review
V Shrimali, RS Anand, V Kumar
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Context based medical image compression for ultrasound images with contextual set partitioning in hierarchical trees algorithm
MA Ansari, RS Anand
Advances in Engineering Software 40 (7), 487-496, 2009
Multiresolution local binary pattern variants based texture feature extraction techniques for efficient classification of microscopic images of hardwood species
AR Yadav, RS Anand, ML Dewal, S Gupta
Applied Soft Computing 32, 101-112, 2015
A simple design method for the cosine-modulated filter banks using weighted constrained least square technique
A Kumar, GK Singh, RS Anand
Journal of the Franklin Institute 348 (4), 606-621, 2011
An improved method for designing quadrature mirror filter banks via unconstrained optimization
A Kumar, GK Singh, RS Anand
Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms 9 (1), 99-111, 2010
Improved segmentation of ultrasound images for fetal biometry, using morphological operators
V Shrimali, RS Anand, V Kumar
2009 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and …, 2009
An improved method for the design of quadrature mirror filter banks using the Levenberg–Marquardt optimization
A Kumar, GK Singh, RS Anand
Signal, image and video processing 7 (2), 209-220, 2013
Determining similarity in histological images using graph-theoretic description and matching methods for content-based image retrieval in medical diagnostics
H Sharma, A Alekseychuk, P Leskovsky, O Hellwich, RS Anand, N Zerbe, ...
Diagnostic pathology 7 (1), 1-20, 2012
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