Linda Daniele
Linda Daniele
Assistant Professor, Departamento de Geología, Universidad de Chile
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Hivatkozott rá
Hydrogeochemistry and geochemical simulations to assess water–rock interactions in complex carbonate aquifers: the case of Aguadulce (SE Spain)
L Daniele, Á Vallejos, M Corbella, L Molina, A Pulido-Bosch
Applied Geochemistry 29, 43-54, 2013
Estimating low-enthalpy geothermal energy potential for district heating in Santiago basin–Chile (33.5° S)
M Munoz, P Garat, V Flores-Aqueveque, G Vargas, S Rebolledo, ...
Renewable Energy 76, 186-195, 2015
Geochemistry of thermal waters in the Southern Volcanic Zone, Chile–Implications for structural controls on geothermal fluid composition
J Wrage, D Tardani, M Reich, L Daniele, G Arancibia, J Cembrano, ...
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Characterization of the salinisation processes in aquifers using boron isotopes; application to South-Eastern Spain
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Water, air, and soil pollution 187 (1), 65-80, 2008
Hydrogeochemical processes in the vicinity of a desalination plant (Cabo de Gata, SE Spain)
L Daniele, A Vallejos, F Sola, M Corbella, A Pulido-Bosch
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Dedolomitization and reservoir quality: Insights from reactive transport modelling
LC Escorcia, E Gomez‐Rivas, L Daniele, M Corbella
Geofluids 13 (2), 221-231, 2013
Chemical and isotopic assessment in volcanic thermal waters: cases of Ischia (Italy) and São Miguel (Azores, Portugal)
I Morell, A Pulido‐Bosch, L Daniele, JV Cruz
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Using ion and isotope characterization to delimitate a hydrogeological macrosystem. Sierra de Gádor (SE, Spain)
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Distribution of arsenic and other minor trace elements in the groundwater of Ischia Island (southern Italy)
L Daniele
Environmental Geology 46 (1), 96-103, 2004
Iodine budget in surface waters from Atacama: Natural and anthropogenic iodine sources revealed by halogen geochemistry and iodine-129 isotopes
F Álvarez, M Reich, G Snyder, A Pérez-Fodich, Y Muramatsu, L Daniele, ...
Applied Geochemistry 68, 53-63, 2016
Chemical composition of Chilean bottled waters: Anomalous values and possible effects on human health
L Daniele, C Cannatelli, JT Buscher, G Bonatici
Science of the total environment 689, 526-533, 2019
Identification of a Holocene aquifer–lagoon system using hydrogeochemical data
F Sola, A Vallejos, L Daniele, A Pulido-Bosch
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Geostatistical analysis to identify hydrogeochemical processes in complex aquifers: a case study (Aguadulce unit, Almeria, SE Spain)
L Daniele, AP Bosch, A Vallejos, L Molina
Ambio, 249-253, 2008
Changes in the conceptual model of the Pampa del Tamarugal Aquifer: Implications for Central Depression water resources
B Viguier, L Daniele, H Jourde, V Leonardi, G Yáñez
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 94, 102217, 2019
Source patterns of potentially toxic elements (PTEs) and mining activity contamination level in soils of Taltal city (northern Chile)
A Reyes, M Thiombane, A Panico, L Daniele, A Lima, M Di Bonito, ...
Environmental geochemistry and health 42 (8), 2573-2594, 2020
Groundwater resources and recharge processes in the Western Andean Front of Central Chile
M Taucare, L Daniele, B Viguier, A Vallejos, G Arancibia
Science of the Total Environment 722, 137824, 2020
Decoding fjord water contribution and geochemical processes in the Aysen thermal springs (Southern Patagonia, Chile)
A Negri, L Daniele, D Aravena, M Muñoz, A Delgado, D Morata
Journal of Geochemical Exploration 185, 1-13, 2018
Geochemical simulations to assess the fluorine origin in S ierra de G ador groundwater (SE S pain)
L Daniele, M Corbella, A Vallejos, M Díaz‐Puga, A Pulido‐Bosch
Geofluids 13 (2), 194-203, 2013
Anthropic-induced salinization in a dolomite coastal aquifer. Hydrogeochemical processes
A Vallejos, L Daniele, F Sola, L Molina, A Pulido-Bosch
Journal of Geochemical Exploration 209, 106438, 2020
Groundwater flow and residence time in a karst aquifer using ion and isotope characterization
MA Díaz-Puga, A Vallejos, F Sola, L Daniele, L Molina, A Pulido-Bosch
International journal of environmental science and technology 13 (11), 2579-2596, 2016
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