Reza Shirmohammadi
Reza Shirmohammadi
Department of Chemical Engineering, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Forecasting of CO2 emissions in Iran based on time series and regression analysis
SM Hosseini, A Saifoddin, R Shirmohammadi, A Aslani
Energy Reports 5, 619-631, 2019
Stand-alone hybrid energy systems for remote area power generation
A Razmjoo, R Shirmohammadi, A Davarpanah, F Pourfayaz, A Aslani
Energy reports 5, 231-241, 2019
Analysis of hydraulic fracturing techniques: hybrid fuzzy approaches
A Davarpanah, R Shirmohammadi, B Mirshekari, A Aslani
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 12, 1-8, 2019
A novel energy efficient LNG/NGL recovery process using absorption and mixed refrigerant refrigeration cycles–Economic and exergy analyses
B Ghorbani, R Shirmohammadi, M Mehrpooya
Applied Thermal Engineering 132, 283-295, 2018
Implementing absorption refrigeration cycle in lieu of DMR and C3MR cycles in the integrated NGL, LNG and NRU unit
B Ghorbani, MH Hamedi, M Amidpour, R Shirmohammadi
International Journal of Refrigeration 77, 20-38, 2017
Exergoeconomic analysis and multi-objective Pareto optimization of the C3MR liquefaction process
B Ghorbani, MH Hamedi, R Shirmohammadi, M Hamedi, M Mehrpooya
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 17, 56-67, 2016
Optimization and comprehensive exergy-based analyses of a parallel flow double-effect water-lithium bromide absorption refrigeration system
BS Bagheri, R Shirmohammadi, SMS Mahmoudi, MA Rosen
Applied Thermal Engineering 152, 643-653, 2019
Considerable parameters of using PV cells for solar-powered aircrafts
F Fazelpour, M Vafaeipour, O Rahbari, R Shirmohammadi
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 22, 81-91, 2013
Thermoeconomic analysis and optimization of post‐combustion CO2 recovery unit utilizing absorption refrigeration system for a natural‐gas‐fired power plant
R Shirmohammadi, M Soltanieh, LM Romeo
Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 37 (3), 1075-1084, 2018
Hydrogen production technologies: attractiveness and future perspective
M Dehghanimadvar, R Shirmohammadi, M Sadeghzadeh, A Aslani, ...
International Journal of Energy Research 44 (11), 8233-8254, 2020
Optimization of mixed refrigerant systems in low temperature applications by means of group method of data handling (GMDH)
R Shirmohammadi, B Ghorbani, M Hamedi, MH Hamedi, LM Romeo
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Structural, operational and economic optimization of cryogenic natural gas plant using NSGAII two-objective genetic algorithm
B Ghorbani, R Shirmohammadi, M Mehrpooya, MH Hamedi
Energy 159, 410-428, 2018
Energy, exergy, economic, exergoeconomic, and exergoenvironmental (5E) analyses of a triple cycle with carbon capture
P Talebizadehsardari, MA Ehyaei, A Ahmadi, DH Jamali, ...
Journal of CO2 Utilization 41, 101258, 2020
Applying an integrated trigeneration incorporating hybrid energy systems for natural gas liquefaction
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Energy 149, 848-864, 2018
Techno‐economic evaluation of standalone hybrid solar‐wind systems for small residential districts in the central desert of Iran
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Environmental progress & sustainable energy 36 (4), 1194-1207, 2017
Development of an innovative cogeneration system for fresh water and power production by renewable energy using thermal energy storage system
B Ghorbani, R Shirmohammadi, M Mehrpooya
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 37, 100572, 2020
Challenges of carbon capture technologies deployment in developing countries
R Shirmohammadi, A Aslani, R Ghasempour
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 42, 100837, 2020
A comprehensive approach toward utilizing mixed refrigerant and absorption refrigeration systems in an integrated cryogenic refrigeration process
B Ghorbani, M Mehrpooya, R Shirmohammadi, MH Hamedi
Journal of cleaner production 179, 495-514, 2018
Experimental evaluation of polymer-enhanced foam transportation on the foam stabilization in the porous media
A Davarpanah, R Shirmohammadi, B Mirshekari
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 16, 8107-8116, 2019
Sensitivity analysis, economic optimization, and configuration design of mixed refrigerant cycles by NLP techniques
M Amidpour, MH Hamedi, M Mafi, B Ghorbani, R Shirmohammadi, ...
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 24, 144-155, 2015
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