Manea Liliana Rozemarie
Manea Liliana Rozemarie
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Hivatkozott rá
Fiber diameter in electrospinning process
B Cramariuc, R Cramariuc, R Scarlet, LR Manea, IG Lupu, O Cramariuc
Journal of Electrostatics 71 (3), 189-198, 2013
The influence of polymer solution on the properties of electrospun 3D nanostructures
N Amariei, LR Manea, AP Bertea, A Bertea, A Popa
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Fractional factorial design study on the performance of GAC-enhanced electrocoagulation process involved in color removal from dye solutions
MS Secula, I Cretescu, B Cagnon, LR Manea, CS Stan, IG Breaban
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Recent advances of basic materials to obtain electrospun polymeric nanofibers for medical applications
LR Manea, L Hristian, AL Leon, A Popa
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Reactive dyes removal from wastewater by combined advanced treatment
D Căilean, G Barjoveanu, CP Musteret, N Sulitanu, LR Manea, ...
Environ Eng Manag J 8 (3), 503-511, 2009
Dynamics control of the complex systems via nondifferentiability
C Nejneru, A Nicuţă, B Constantin, LR Manea, M Teodorescu, M Agop
Journal of Applied Mathematics 2013, 2013
Analysis of the Principal Components on the Durability and Comfort Indices of the Fabrics Made of Core-coating Filament Yarns
L Hristian, AV Sandu, LM Manea, EA Tulbure, K Earar
Journal of Chemistry 66 (3), 342-347, 2015
Study on the solubility of polyetherimide for nanostructural electrospinning
R Scarlet, LR Manea, ION Sandu, L Martinova, O Cramariuc, IG Sandu
Rev. Chim 63, 688-692, 2012
Conversion of industrial feedstock mainly with butanes and butenes over HZSM-5 and Zn/HZSM-5 (nitrate) catalysts
D Maftei, IV Asaftei, I Sandu, LR Manea, LM Birsa, K Earar
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Electrochemical sensors for monitoring of indoor and outdoor air pollution
I Cretescu, D Lutic, LR Manea
Electrochemical Sensors Technology 65, 2017
Effect of the applied electric voltage and flow rate on electrospun fibers diameter
LR Manea, MC Danu, I Sandu
Revista de chimie (Bucharest) 66 (6), 868-673, 2015
Mathematical Model of the Electrospinning Process I. Effect of the distance between electrodes on the electrospun fibers diameter
LR Manea, A Bertea, E Nechita, CV Popescu, I Sandu
Revista De Chimie 67 (7), 1284-1289, 2016
Analysis of Characterization Indexes for Worsted Fabrics Type Using Correlation Method as a Statistical Tool
LR Manea, L Hristian, MM Ostafe, LL Apostol, I Sandu
Journal of Chemistry 67 (9), 1758-1762, 2016
Control of Nanofibers production process through electrospinning
LR Manea, R Scarlet, AL Leon, I Sandu
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Mathematic model of the spinning process of a wool yarn
A Popa, A Bucevschi, M Pustianu, LR Manea, I Sandu
significance 1, x2, 2016
Study on behaviour of polymer solutions in electrospinning technology
LR Manea, R Scarlet, N Amariei, E Nechita, IG Sandu
Revista de chimie (Bucharest) 66 (4), 542-546, 2015
Conversion of ndustrial fedstock mainly with butanes and butenes over B-HZSM-5 and Zn-HZSM-5 modifed catalysts
IV Asaftei, IG Sandu, L Mihail
Rev. Chim.(Bucharest) 66, 336-341, 2015
Morphological and Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy Approaches on PA6-CNT Nanofibres
M Calin, M.A. Khenoussi, N., Schacher, L., Manea, L.R., Agop
MATERIALE PLASTICE 50 (4), 257-263, 2013
Equipment for obtaining polimeric nanofibres by electrospinning technology: II. The obtaining of polimeric nanofibers
LR Manea, B Cramariuc, V Popescu, R Cramariuc, I Sandu, O Cramariuc
Materiale Plastice 52 (2), 180-185, 2015
Equipment for obtaining polimeric nanofibers by electrospinning technology I. Constructive and functional elements of the computerized electrospinning equipment
LR Manea, B Cramariuc, V Caunii, I Sandu
Materiale Plastice 52 (1), 82-86, 2015
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