Hesam Rahbarimagham
Hesam Rahbarimagham
Islamic Azad University, Rafsanjan Branch
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Hivatkozott rá
Determination of transformer winding radial deformation using UWB system and hyperboloid method
H Rahbarimagham, HK Porzani, MSA Hejazi, MS Naderi, ...
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District cooling systems in Iranian energy matrix, a techno-economic analysis of a reliable solution for a serious challenge
M Jannatabadi, HR Rahbari, A Arabkoohsar
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Impacts of partial-load service on energy, exergy, environmental and economic performances of low-temperature compressed air energy storage system
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Biomass leachate treatment and nutrient recovery using reverse osmosis: experimental study and hybrid artificial neural network modeling
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Off-design operation analysis of air-based high-temperature heat and power storage
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Voltage profile improvement in a microgrid including PV units using genetic algorithm
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Application of smart transformers in power systems including PV and storage systems under unbalanced and nonlinear load and fault condition
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Machine learning methods for precise calculation of temperature drop during a throttling process
M Farzaneh-Gord, HR Rahbari, B Mohseni-Gharyehsafa, A Toikka, ...
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Localization of Radial Deformation and Its Extent in Power Transformer HV Winding Using Stationary UWB Antennas
H Rahbarimagham, S Esmaeili, GB Gharehpetian
IEEE Sensors Journal, 2017
Discrimination between radial deformation and axial displacement in power transformers using analysis of electromagnetic waves
H Rahbarimagham, S Esmaeili, GB Gharehpetian
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Determination of transformer HV winding axial displacement extent using hyperbolic method–a feasibility study
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Determination of transformer HV winding axial displacement occurrence, direction, and extent using time‐domain analysis of UWB signals
H Rahbarimagham, S Esmaeili, GB Gharehpetian
IET Science, Measurement & Technology 12 (4), 514-520, 2018
Optimal Control of Micro-grid (MG) to Improve Voltage Profile Including Combined Heat and Power System
H Rahbarimagham
Journal of Intelligent Procedures in Electrical Technology (JIPET) 9 (36), 43-50, 2019
Emission reduction in a micro grid including PV considering voltage profile improvement
H Rahbarimagham, MJ Sanjari, A Tavakoli, GB Gharehpetian, R Jafari
2013 Smart Grid Conference (SGC), 219-224, 2013
Investigating 3-phase induction motor in islanded VSI-based micro grid
H Rahbarimagham, M Kohansal, B Zaker, GB Gharehpetian
2013 Smart Grid Conference (SGC), 230-235, 2013
Exact determination of a winding disk radial deformation location considering tank effect using an analytical method
H Rahbarimagham, MA Hejazi, HK Porzani, MS Naderi, GB Gharehpetian
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DC link voltage effects on the performance of the two current control strategies of voltage source converters
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International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics 5 (1), 105, 2013
Flexible-reliable linear AC security constrained unit commitment considering uncertainties and renewable energy sources
A Safari, H Rahbarimagham
Energy Reports 10, 3814-3825, 2023
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