Sanja ©ćepanović
Sanja ©ćepanović
Nokia Bell Labs
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Hivatkozott rá
Mobile phone call data as a regional socio-economic proxy indicator
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The language of situational empathy
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Humane visual ai: Telling the stories behind a medical condition
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YouPower: An open source platform for community-oriented smart grid user engagement
MWFB Yilin Huang, Hanna Hasselqvist, Giacomo Poderi, Sanja ©ćepanović, Filip ...
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Revealing the pulse of human dynamics in a country from mobile phone data
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Depression at work: exploring depression in major US companies from online reviews
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Photometry of Type II Supernova SN 2023ixf with a Worldwide Citizen Science Network
LA Sgro, TM Esposito, G Blaclard, S Gomez, F Marchis, AV Filippenko, ...
Research Notes of the AAS 7 (7), 141, 2023
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