David Outomuro
David Outomuro
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
The effects of latitude, body size, and sexual selection on wing shape in a damselfly
D Outomuro, F Johansson
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 102 (2), 263-274, 2011
A potential pitfall in studies of biological shape: does size matter?
D Outomuro, F Johansson
Journal of Animal Ecology 86 (6), 1447-1457, 2017
The evolution of wing shape in ornamented-winged damselflies (Calopterygidae, Odonata)
D Outomuro, DC Adams, F Johansson
Evolutionary biology 40, 300-309, 2013
Wing shape allometry and aerodynamics in calopterygid damselflies: a comparative approach
D Outomuro, DC Adams, F Johansson
BMC evolutionary biology 13, 1-11, 2013
Hind Wing Shape Evolves Faster than Front Wing Shape in Calopteryx Damselflies
D Outomuro, F Bokma, F Johansson
Evolutionary Biology 39, 116-125, 2012
Antagonistic natural and sexual selection on wing shape in a scrambling damselfly
D Outomuro, L Söderquist, V Nilsson-Örtman, M Cortázar-Chinarro, ...
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Bird predation selects for wing shape and coloration in a damselfly
D Outomuro, F Johansson
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 28 (4), 791-799, 2015
Wing morphology and migration status, but not body size, habitat or Rapoport's rule predict range size in North‐American dragonflies (Odonata: Libellulidae)
D Outomuro, F Johansson
Ecography 42 (2), 309-320, 2019
Habitat variation and wing coloration affect wing shape evolution in dragonflies
D Outomuro, KDB Dijkstra, F Johansson
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26 (9), 1866-1874, 2013
The price of looking sexy: visual ecology of a three‐level predator–prey system
D Outomuro, L Söderquist, F Johansson, A Ödeen, K Nordström
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D Outomuro, FJ Ocharan
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Single and combined effects of microplastics, pyrethroid and food resources on the life-history traits and microbiome of Chironomus riparius
JE Varg, W Kunce, D Outomuro, R Svanbäck, F Johansson
Environmental Pollution 289, 117848, 2021
Male wing shape differs between condition-dependent alternative reproductive tactics in territorial damselflies
D Outomuro, S Rodriguez-Martinez, A Karlsson, F Johansson
Animal Behaviour 91, 1-7, 2014
Distribution of the Iberian Calopteryx damselflies and its relation with bioclimatic belts: Evolutionary and biogeographic implications
D Outomuro, A Torralba-Burrial, FJ Ocharan
Journal of Insect Science 10 (1), 61, 2010
Allometry of secondary, primary, and nonsexual traits in the beautiful demoiselle (Calopteryx virgo meridionalis)
D Outomuro, A Cordero-Rivera
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Patterns of phenotypic divergence in wing covariance structure of calopterygid damselflies
F Eroukhmanoff, D Outomuro, FJ Ocharan, EI Svensson
Evolutionary Biology 36, 214-224, 2009
Brachytron pratense (Müller, 1764) en la Península Ibérica (Odonata, Aeshnidae)
FJ Ocharan, A Torralba Burrial, D Outomuro
Boletín de la Sociedad Entomológica Aragonesa 41, 307-312, 2007
Field evidence for colour mimicry overshadowing morphological mimicry
A Corral‐Lopez, JE Varg, YP Cano‐Cobos, R Losada, E Realpe, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 90 (3), 698-709, 2021
Multitrait aposematic signal in Batesian mimicry
D Outomuro, P Angel-Giraldo, A Corral-Lopez, E Realpe
Evolution 70 (7), 1596-1608, 2016
The jumping spider Saitis barbipes lacks a red photoreceptor to see its own sexually dimorphic red coloration
M Glenszczyk, D Outomuro, M Gregorič, S Kralj-Fišer, JM Schneider, ...
The Science of Nature 109 (1), 6, 2022
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