Fabio Francescangeli
Fabio Francescangeli
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Biodiversity trends of the meiofaunal and foraminiferal assemblages of Lake Varano (southern Italy)
F Frontalini, F Semprucci, E Armynot du Châtelet, F Francescangeli, ...
Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 127 (1), 7-22, 2014
Benthic foraminiferal assemblages and biotopes in a coastal lake: the case study of Lake Varano (southern Italy)
F Frontalini, G Margaritelli, F Francescangeli, R Rettori, ...
Acta Protozoologica 52 (3), 2013
Palaeo-ecological quality status based on foraminifera of Boulognesur-Mer harbour (Pas-de-Calais, Northeastern France) over the last 200 years
F Francescangeli, E Armynot du Chatelet, G Billon, A Trentesaux, ...
Marine Environmental Research 117, 32-43, 2016
Foraminiferal-based biotic indices to assess the ecological quality status of the Gulf of Gabes (Tunisia): Present limitations and future perspectives
A El Kateb, C Stalder, M Martínez-Colón, G Mateu-Vicens, ...
Ecological Indicators 111, 105962, 2020
Indicative value of benthic foraminifera for biomonitoring: assignment to ecological groups of sensitivity to total organic carbon of species from European intertidal areas and …
VMP Bouchet, F Frontalini, F Francescangeli, PG Sauriau, E Geslin, ...
Mar Pollut Bull 164, 112071, 2021
Benthic foraminifera in transitional environments in the English Channel and the southern North Sea: A proxy for regional-scale environmental and paleo-environmental …
E Armynot du Châtelet, F Francescangeli, VMP Bouchet, F Frontalini
Marine environmental research 137, 37-48, 2018
Assessing the ecological quality status of the highly polluted Bagnoli area (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) using foraminiferal eDNA metabarcoding
M Cavaliere, IB Angeles, M Montresor, C Bucci, L Brocani, E Balassi, ...
Science of the Total Environment 790, 147871, 2021
Multidisciplinary study to monitor consequences of pollution on intertidal benthic ecosystems (Hauts de France, English Channel, France): Comparison with natural areas
F Francescangeli, M Quijada, E Armynot du Châtelet, F Frontalini, ...
Marine Environmental Research, 105034, 2020
Does elevation matter? Living foraminiferal distribution in a hyper tidal salt marsh (Canche Estuary, Northern France)
F Francescangeli, VMP Bouchet, A Trentesaux, E Armynot du Chatelet
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 194, 192-204, 2017
Environmental control on a land–sea transitional setting: integrated sedimentological, geochemical and faunal approaches
E Armynot du Chatelet, V Bout-Roumazeilles, R Coccioni, F Frontalini, ...
Environmental Earth Sciences 75 (2), 123, 2016
Impact of the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum (MECO) on foraminiferal and calcareous nannofossil assemblages in the Neo-Tethyan Baskil Section (Eastern Turkey …
R D’Onofrio, AS Zaky, F Frontalini, V Luciani, R Catanzariti, ...
Applied Sciences 11 (23), 11339, 2021
Infilling of the Canche Estuary (eastern English Channel, France): Insight from benthic foraminifera and historical pictures
F Francescangeli, M Portela, E Armynot du Chatelet, G Billon, ...
Marine Micropaleontology 142, 1-12, 2018
Significance of replicates: Environmental and paleoenvironmental studies on benthic foraminifera and testate amoebae
E Armynot du Châtelet, F Frontalini, F Francescangeli
Micropaleontology 63 (5), 257-274, 2017
Recent benthic foraminiferal distribution in the Elbe Estuary (North Sea, Germany): A response to environmental stressors
F Francescangeli, Y Milker, D Bunzel, H Thomas, M Norbisrath, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 251, 107198, 2021
Encapsulated in sediments: eDNA deciphers the ecosystem history of one of the most polluted European marine sites
IB Angeles, ML Romero-Martínez, M Cavaliere, S Varrella, ...
Environment International 172, 107738, 2023
Benthic foraminifera as proxies for the environmental quality assessment of the Kuwait Bay (Kuwait, Arabian Gulf): Morphological and metabarcoding approaches
E Al-Enezi, F Francescangeli, E Balassi, S Borderie, S Al-Hazeem, ...
Science of The Total Environment 833, 155093, 2022
Definition of benthic foraminiferal bioprovinces in transitional environments of the Eastern English Channel and the Southern North Sea
E Armynot du Châtelet, F Francescangeli, F Frontalini
Revue de Micropaléontologie 61 (3-4), 223-234, 2018
Testing the applicability of random forest modeling to examine benthic foraminiferal responses to multiple environmental parameters
MA Rostami, F Frontalini, P Giordano, F Francescangeli, MVA Martins, ...
Marine Environmental Research 172, 105502, 2021
Spatio-temporal distribution of benthic foraminifera in intertidal areas of Hauts-de-France: environmental applications and implications
F Francescangeli
Lille 1, 2017
Inferring the ecological quality status based on living benthic foraminiferal indices in transitional areas of the Guanabara bay (SE Brazil)
M Nunes, MVA Martins, F Frontalini, VMP Bouchet, F Francescangeli, ...
Environmental Pollution 320, 121003, 2023
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