Marius Rubo
Marius Rubo
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Social content and emotional valence modulate gaze fixations in dynamic scenes
M Rubo, M Gamer
Scientific reports 8 (1), 3804, 2018
Social anxiety modulates visual exploration in real life–but not in the laboratory
M Rubo, L Huestegge, M Gamer
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Visuo-tactile congruency influences the body schema during full body ownership illusion
M Rubo, M Gamer
Consciousness and cognition 73, 102758, 2019
Djinni: a novel technology supported exposure therapy paradigm for sad combining virtual reality and augmented reality
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Frontiers in psychiatry 8, 26, 2017
Stronger reactivity to social gaze in virtual reality compared to a classical laboratory environment
M Rubo, M Gamer
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The human source memory system struggles to distinguish virtual reality and reality
M Rubo, N Messerli, S Munsch
Computers in Human Behavior Reports 4, 100111, 2021
Virtual reality as a proxy for real-life social attention?
M Rubo, M Gamer
proceedings of the 2018 ACM symposium on eye tracking research …, 2018
Years of life lost estimates cannot always be taken at face value: Response to “COVID-19–exploring the implications of long-term condition type and extent of multimorbidity on …
M Rubo, P Czuppon
Wellcome Open Research 5, 2020
Correlates of interpersonal emotion regulation problems in Loss of Control eating (LOC) in youth: study protocol of the combined online and App based questionnaire, laboratory …
S Munsch, F Forrer, A Naas, V Mueller, M Rubo, F Hannoun, E Mugellini
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The Lausanne Infant Crying Stress Paradigm: validation of an early postpartum stress paradigm with women at low vs. high risk of childbirth-related posttraumatic stress disorder
V Sandoz, S Stuijfzand, A Lacroix, C Deforges, M Quillet Diop, U Ehlert, ...
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Using Vertex Displacements to Distort Virtual Bodies and Objects While Preserving Visuo-Tactile Congruency During Touch
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Social stress in an interaction with artificial agents in virtual reality: Effects of ostracism and underlying psychopathology
M Rubo, S Munsch
Computers in Human Behavior 153, 107915, 2024
How should we speak about years of life lost (YLL) values?
M Rubo, P Czuppon
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Attention to faces in images is associated with personality and psychopathology
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Education and training in clinical psychology and psychological psychotherapy in Switzerland
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Artificial faces predict gaze allocation in complex dynamic scenes
L Rösler, M Rubo, M Gamer
Frontiers in Psychology 10, 2877, 2019
Soziale Aufmerksamkeit
A Flechsenhar, M Rubo, M Gamer
Aufmerksamkeit. Neue humanwissenschaftliche Perspektiven. Bielefeld …, 2016
Essstörungen bei Männern
M Rubo, F Forrer, S Munsch
PiD-Psychotherapie im Dialog 21 (04), 57-61, 2020
e-Therapien bei Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa und Binge-Eating-Störung
M Rubo, F Forrer, S Munsch
Praxis, 2019
Binge-eating adolescent treatment (BEAT)–findings from a pilot study on effects and acceptance of a blended treatment program for youth with loss of control eating
F Forrer, M Rubo, AH Meyer, S Munsch
BMC psychology 11 (1), 415, 2023
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