Norina Forna
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Hivatkozott rá
Experimental and theoretical aspects of aluminum expanding laser plasma
P Nica, P Vizureanu, M Agop, S Gurlui, C Focsa, N Forna, PD Ioannou, ...
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New theoretical approach of the physical processes in nanostructures
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Structural characterization of some CoCrMo alloys with medical applications
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Silicone-based composite for relining of removable dental prosthesis
M Cazacu, C Racles, A Vlad, M Antohe, N Forna
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Implications of digital image processing in the paraclinical assessment of the partially edentated patient
ME Antohe, D Forna Agop, CG Dascalu, NC Forna
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Experimental investigations of polymer plasma laser ablation
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Bone substitutes used in guided bone regeneration technique
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The importance of observing the aesthetic requirements in partial edentulous rehabilitation-implications in medical-dental training
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Synthesis and antibacterial properties of ZnO/clinoptilolite and TiO2/ZnTiO3/clinoptilolite powders
VE Copcia, CM Hristodor, S Dunca, R Iordanova, ...
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Management attitudes of dentists in dental offices
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Statistical studies regarding therapeutic approaches for edentulous social clinical cases in student „spractical stages
M Antohe, M Andronache, R Feier, O Stamatin, NC Forna
Romanian Journal of Oral rehabilitation 9 (2), 2017
Comparative study of the FTIR Analysis and the peformances of N, N, N-trimethyl chitosan as wrinke-poofing agent
V Popescu, E Vasluianu, NC Forna, I Sandu, E Bercu
Revista de chimie 4 (11), 2013
Comparative study concening the FIR Analysis and the performances of chitosan–based wrinkle-proofing agents
E Vasluianu, V Popescu, A Grigoriu, NC Forna, I Sandu
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Assessment of the oral health risk factors in young people
A Murariu, A Forna, F Manolache, NC Forna
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Importance of dental maxillofacial aesthetics in dental therapy
MM Scutariu, OE Ciurcanu, DA Forna, NC Forna
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Postoperative clinical evolution of edentulous patients treated by guided bone regeneration using xenograft bone substitute and collagen membrane
D Forna, N Forna, K Earar, E Popescu
Mater Plast 54, 312-315, 2017
On the Energy Dissipation Capacity and the Shape Memory. A Comparative Study between Polymer Composites and Alloys
VP Paun, N Cimpoesu, RH Cimpoesu, GV Munceleanu, N Forna, M Agop
Materiale Plastice 47 (2), 158-163, 2010
Aspects of the therapy of partially extended edentation using modern methods-attachments as maintenance, support and stabilization
ME Antohe, D Forna Agop, M Andronache, R Feier, NC Forna
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Influence of chemical therapeutical methods on manducatory muscles
LE CHECHERITA, NC Forna, AS Macovei, S Racovita, F Filip, A Chiriac
medicine 14, 15, 2013
Thermal properties of a TI-6AL-4V alloy used as dental implant material
A Costan, A Dima, I Ioniţă, N Forna, MC Perju, M Agop
Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials-Rapid Communications 5 (January 2011 …, 2011
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