Fernando Unrein
Fernando Unrein
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Hivatkozott rá
Significant year‐round effect of small mixotrophic flagellates on bacterioplankton in an oligotrophic coastal system
F Unrein, R Massana, L Alonso-Sáez, JM Gasol
Limnology and oceanography 52 (1), 456-469, 2007
Mixotrophic haptophytes are key bacterial grazers in oligotrophic coastal waters
F Unrein, JM Gasol, F Not, I Forn, R Massana
The ISME journal 8 (1), 164-176, 2014
Grazing rates and functional diversity of uncultured heterotrophic flagellates
R Massana, F Unrein, R Rodríguez-Martínez, I Forn, T Lefort, J Pinhassi, ...
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Abundance and distribution of picoplankton in tropical, oligotrophic Lake Kivu, eastern Africa
H Sarmento, F Unrein, M Isumbisho, S Stenuite, JM Gasol, JP DESCY
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Water level as the main driver of the alternation between a free-floating plant and a phytoplankton dominated state: a long-term study in a floodplain lake
I O’Farrell, I Izaguirre, G Chaparro, F Unrein, R Sinistro, H Pizarro, ...
Aquatic Sciences 73 (2), 275-287, 2011
Algal assemblages across a wetland, from a shallow lake to relictual oxbow lakes (Lower Paraná River, South America)
I Izaguirre, I O'farrell, F Unrein, R Sinistro, M dos Santos Afonso, G Tell
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Metabolic diversity of heterotrophic bacterioplankton over winter and spring in the coastal Arctic Ocean
MM Sala, R Terrado, C Lovejoy, F Unrein, C Pedrós‐Alió
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Do steady state assemblages occur in shallow lentic environments from wetlands?
I O’Farrell, R Sinistro, I Izaguirre, F Unrein
Phytoplankton and Equilibrium Concept: The Ecology of Steady-State …, 2003
Bacterial community structure in a latitudinal gradient of lakes: the roles of spatial versus environmental factors
M Romina Schiaffino, F Unrein, JM Gasol, R Massana, V Balague, ...
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Nutrient dynamics in the deltaic floodplain of the Lower Paraná River
C Bonetto, L de Cabo, N Gabellone, A Vinocur, J Donadelli, F Unrein
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Typology of lentic water bodies at Potter Peninsula (King George Island, Antarctica) based on physical-chemical characteristics and phytoplankton communities
A Vinocur, F Unrein
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Chascomús: estructura y funcionamiento de una laguna pampeana turbia
N Diovisalvi, G Berasain, F Unrein, D Colautti, P Fermani, ME Llames, ...
Ecología austral 20 (2), 115-127, 2010
Changes in phytoplankton community along a transversal section of the Lower Paraná floodplain, Argentina
F Unrein
Hydrobiologia 468 (1), 123-134, 2002
Phytoplankton response to pH rise in a N-limited floodplain lake: relevance of N2-fixing heterocystous cyanobacteria
F Unrein, I O’Farrell, I Izaguirre, R Sinistro, M dos Santos Afonso, G Tell
Aquatic Sciences 72 (2), 179-190, 2010
The microbial food web structure of a hypertrophic warm-temperate shallow lake, as affected by contrasting zooplankton assemblages
P Fermani, N Diovisalvi, A Torremorell, L Lagomarsino, HE Zagarese, ...
Hydrobiologia 714 (1), 115-130, 2013
Nanoplankton assemblages in maritime Antarctic lakes: characterisation and molecular fingerprinting comparison
F Unrein, I Izaguirre, R Massana, V Balagué, JM Gasol
Aquatic Microbial Ecology 40 (3), 269-282, 2005
Marine bacterial community structure resilience to changes in protist predation under phytoplankton bloom conditions
F Baltar, J Palovaara, F Unrein, P Catala, K Horňák, K ©imek, D Vaqué, ...
The ISME journal 10 (3), 568-581, 2016
The effects of light availability in shallow, turbid waters: a mesocosm study
ME Llames, L Lagomarsino, N Diovisalvi, P Fermani, AM Torremorell, ...
Journal of Plankton Research 31 (12), 1517-1529, 2009
Environmental heterogeneity determines the ecological processes that govern bacterial metacommunity assembly in a floodplain river system
P Huber, S Metz, F Unrein, G Mayora, H Sarmento, M Devercelli
The ISME journal 14 (12), 2951-2966, 2020
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