Luca Bortolussi
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Continuous approximation of collective system behaviour: A tutorial
L Bortolussi, J Hillston, D Latella, M Massink
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Modeling biological systems in stochastic concurrent constraint programming
L Bortolussi, A Policriti
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Data-driven statistical learning of temporal logic properties
E Bartocci, L Bortolussi, G Sanguinetti
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Smoothed model checking for uncertain continuous-time Markov chains
L Bortolussi, D Milios, G Sanguinetti
Information and Computation 247, 235-253, 2016
System design of stochastic models using robustness of temporal properties
E Bartocci, L Bortolussi, L Nenzi, G Sanguinetti
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Fluid model checking
L Bortolussi, J Hillston
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Qualitative and quantitative monitoring of spatio-temporal properties
L Nenzi, L Bortolussi, V Ciancia, M Loreti, M Massink
Runtime Verification, 21-37, 2015
On the robustness of temporal properties for stochastic models
E Bartocci, L Bortolussi, L Nenzi, G Sanguinetti
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Stochastic concurrent constraint programming and differential equations
L Bortolussi, A Policriti
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Stochastic concurrent constraint programming
L Bortolussi
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 164 (3), 65-80, 2006
Learning and Designing Stochastic Processes from Logical Constraints
L Bortolussi, G Sanguinetti
Logical Methods in Computer Science 11 (2), 2015
Temporal logic based monitoring of assisted ventilation in intensive care patients
S Bufo, E Bartocci, G Sanguinetti, M Borelli, U Lucangelo, L Bortolussi
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Hybrid dynamics of stochastic programs
L Bortolussi, A Policriti
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Specifying and monitoring properties of stochastic spatio-temporal systems in signal temporal logic
L Bortolussi, L Nenzi
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Performance Evaluation …, 2014
A temporal logic approach to modular design of synthetic biological circuits
E Bartocci, L Bortolussi, L Nenzi
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HYPE: Hybrid modelling by composition of flows
V Galpin, L Bortolussi, J Hillston
Formal Aspects of Computing 25 (4), 503-541, 2013
CARMA: collective adaptive resource-sharing Markovian agents
L Bortolussi, R De Nicola, V Galpin, S Gilmore, J Hillston, D Latella, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1509.08560, 2015
Hybrid systems and biology
L Bortolussi, A Policriti
International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer …, 2008
Scoring predictive models using a reduced representation of proteins: model and energy definition
F Fogolari, L Pieri, A Dovier, L Bortolussi, G Giugliarelli, A Corazza, ...
BMC Structural Biology 7 (1), 15, 2007
Model checking Markov population models by central limit approximation
L Bortolussi, R Lanciani
International Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of Systems, 123-138, 2013
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