Kerry Leith
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Subglacial extensional fracture development and implications for Alpine Valley evolution
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KJ Leith
ETH Zurich, 2012
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Constraining the age and source area of the Molveno landslide deposits in the Brenta Group, Trentino Dolomites (Italy)
J Von Wartburg, S Ivy-Ochs, J Aaron, S Martin, K Leith, M Rigo, ...
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K Leith, M Fox, JR Moore
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K Leith, M Perras, T Siren, T Rantanen, A Wolter, S Heinonen, S Loew
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Thermo-mechanical cliff stability at tomb KV42 in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt
R Alcaíno-Olivares, MA Perras, M Ziegler, K Leith
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Fracture growth on långören Island, Finland, on the hottest day on record in 2014
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Y Li, K Leith, MA Perras, S Loew
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Preconditioning of the Eibsee rock avalanche by deglaciation and development of critical bedrock stresses
K Leith, F Hofmayer, B Kessler, M Krautblatter
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K Leith, J Moore, F Amann, S Loew
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 4599, 2010
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