Laszlo Horvath
Laszlo Horvath
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Overview of the JET results in support to ITER
X Litaudon, S Abduallev, M Abhangi, P Abreu, M Afzal, KM Aggarwal, ...
Nuclear Fusion 57 (10), 102001, 2017
Isotope effects on LH threshold and confinement in tokamak plasmas
CF Maggi, H Weisen, JC Hillesheim, A Chankin, E Delabie, L Horvath, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 60 (1), 014045, 2017
Overview of the JET preparation for deuterium–tritium operation with the ITER like-wall
E Joffrin, S Abduallev, M Abhangi, P Abreu, V Afanasev, M Afzal, ...
Nuclear Fusion 59 (11), 112021, 2019
Overview of progress in European medium sized tokamaks towards an integrated plasma-edge/wall solution
H Meyer, T Eich, M Beurskens, S Coda, A Hakola, P Martin, J Adamek, ...
Nuclear Fusion 57 (10), 1-15, 2017
Role of the pedestal position on the pedestal performance in AUG, JET-ILW and TCV and implications for ITER
L Frassinetti, MG Dunne, U Sheikh, S Saarelma, CM Roach, ...
Nuclear Fusion 59 (7), 076038, 2019
Overview of physics studies on ASDEX Upgrade
H Meyer, C Angioni, CG Albert, N Arden, RA Parra, O Asunta, M De Baar, ...
Nuclear Fusion 59 (11), 112014, 2019
Overview of JET results for optimising ITER operation
J Mailloux, N Abid, K Abraham, P Abreu, O Adabonyan, P Adrich, ...
Nuclear Fusion 62 (4), 042026, 2022
Toroidal mode number determination of ELM associated phenomena on ASDEX Upgrade
F Mink, E Wolfrum, M Maraschek, H Zohm, L Horváth, FM Laggner, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 58 (12), 125013, 2016
Isotope identity experiments in JET-ILW with H and D L-mode plasmas
CF Maggi, H Weisen, FJ Casson, F Auriemma, R Lorenzini, H Nordman, ...
Nuclear Fusion 59 (7), 076028, 2019
Studies of the pedestal structure and inter-ELM pedestal evolution in JET with the ITER-like wall
CF Maggi, L Frassinetti, L Horvath, A Lunniss, S Saarelma, H Wilson, ...
Nuclear Fusion 57 (11), 116012, 2017
Self-consistent pedestal prediction for JET-ILW in preparation of the DT campaign
S Saarelma, L Frassinetti, P Bilkova, CD Challis, A Chankin, R Fridström, ...
Physics of Plasmas 26 (7), 2019
Role of the separatrix density in the pedestal performance in deuterium low triangularity JET-ILW plasmas and comparison with JET-C
L Frassinetti, CP Von Thun, B Chapman, A Fil, JC Hillesheim, L Horvath, ...
Nuclear Fusion 61 (12), 126054, 2021
Experimental investigation of the radial structure of energetic particle driven modes
L Horváth, G Papp, P Lauber, G Por, A Gude, V Igochine, B Geiger, ...
Nuclear Fusion 56 (11), 112003, 2016
Isotope dependence of energy, momentum and particle confinement in tokamaks
H Weisen, CF Maggi, M Oberparleiter, FJ Casson, Y Camenen, ...
Journal of Plasma Physics 86 (5), 905860501, 2020
Low frequency sawtooth precursor activity in ASDEX Upgrade
G Papp, GI Pokol, G Por, A Magyarkuti, N Lazányi, L Horváth, V Igochine, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 53 (6), 065007, 2011
Pedestal evolution physics in low triangularity JET tokamak discharges with ITER-like wall
C Bowman, D Dickinson, L Horvath, AE Lunniss, HR Wilson, I Cziegler, ...
Nuclear Fusion 58 (1), 016021, 2017
The role of ETG modes in JET–ILW pedestals with varying levels of power and fuelling
B Chapman-Oplopoiou, DR Hatch, AR Field, L Frassinetti, JC Hillesheim, ...
Nuclear Fusion 62 (8), 086028, 2022
Progress from ASDEX Upgrade experiments in preparing the physics basis of ITER operation and DEMO scenario development
U Stroth, D Aguiam, E Alessi, C Angioni, N Arden, RA Parra, V Artigues, ...
Nuclear Fusion 62 (4), 042006, 2022
DIII-D research advancing the physics basis for optimizing the tokamak approach to fusion energy
ME Fenstermacher, J Abbate, S Abe, T Abrams, M Adams, B Adamson, ...
Nuclear Fusion 62 (4), 042024, 2022
The impact of fuelling and W radiation on the performance of high-power, ITER-baseline scenario plasmas in JET-ILW
AR Field, S Aleiferis, É Belonohy, P Carvalho, I Coffey, D Frigione, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 63 (9), 095013, 2021
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