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Hivatkozott rá
Explanation of potential-induced degradation of the shunting type by Na decoration of stacking faults in Si solar cells
V Naumann, D Lausch, A Hähnel, J Bauer, O Breitenstein, A Graff, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 120, 383-389, 2014
On the detection of shunts in silicon solar cells by photo‐and electroluminescence imaging
O Breitenstein, J Bauer, T Trupke, RA Bardos
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Understanding junction breakdown in multicrystalline solar cells
O Breitenstein, J Bauer, K Bothe, W Kwapil, D Lausch, U Rau, J Schmidt, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (7), 2011
On the mechanism of potential‐induced degradation in crystalline silicon solar cells
J Bauer, V Naumann, S Großer, C Hagendorf, M Schütze, O Breitenstein
physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters 6 (8), 331-333, 2012
Potential-induced degradation (PID): Introduction of a novel test approach and explanation of increased depletion region recombination
D Lausch, V Naumann, O Breitenstein, J Bauer, A Graff, J Bagdahn, ...
IEEE journal of photovoltaics 4 (3), 834-840, 2014
Axial pn junctions realized in silicon nanowires by ion implantation
S Hoffmann, J Bauer, C Ronning, T Stelzner, J Michler, C Ballif, V Sivakov, ...
Nano letters 9 (4), 1341-1344, 2009
The role of stacking faults for the formation of shunts during potential‐induced degradation of crystalline Si solar cells
V Naumann, D Lausch, A Graff, M Werner, S Swatek, J Bauer, A Hähnel, ...
physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters 7 (5), 315-318, 2013
Quantitative evaluation of electroluminescence images of solar cells
O Breitenstein, A Khanna, Y Augarten, J Bauer, JM Wagner, K Iwig
physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters 4 (1‐2), 7-9, 2010
Hot spots in multicrystalline silicon solar cells: avalanche breakdown due to etch pits
J Bauer, JM Wagner, A Lotnyk, H Blumtritt, B Lim, J Schmidt, ...
physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters 3 (2‐3), 40-42, 2009
Defect induced non-ideal dark I–V characteristics of solar cells
O Breitenstein, J Bauer, A Lotnyk, JM Wagner
Superlattices and Microstructures 45 (4-5), 182-189, 2009
Can luminescence imaging replace lock-in thermography on solar cells?
O Breitenstein, J Bauer, K Bothe, D Hinken, J Müller, W Kwapil, ...
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Luminescence emission from forward-and reverse-biased multicrystalline silicon solar cells
K Bothe, K Ramspeck, D Hinken, C Schinke, J Schmidt, S Herlufsen, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (10), 2009
Influence of defects on solar cell characteristics
O Breitenstein, J Bauer, PP Altermatt, K Ramspeck
Solid State Phenomena 156, 1-10, 2010
Electrical properties of nominally undoped silicon nanowires grown by molecular-beam epitaxy
J Bauer, F Fleischer, O Breitenstein, L Schubert, P Werner, U Gösele, ...
Applied physics letters 90 (1), 2007
Material-induced shunts in multicrystalline silicon solar cells
O Breitenstein, J Bauer, JP Rakotoniaina
Semiconductors 41, 440-443, 2007
Electronic activity of SiC precipitates in multicrystalline solar silicon
J Bauer, O Breitenstein, JP Rakotoniaina
physica status solidi (a) 204 (7), 2190-2195, 2007
Imaging physical parameters of pre‐breakdown Sites by lock‐in thermography techniques
O Breitenstein, J Bauer, JM Wagner, A Lotnyk
Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications 16 (8), 679-685, 2008
Controlled in situ boron doping of short silicon nanowires grown by molecular beam epitaxy
P Das Kanungo, N Zakharov, J Bauer, O Breitenstein, P Werner, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (26), 2008
Research on efficiency limiting defects and defect engineering in silicon solar cells‐results of the German research cluster SolarFocus
S Riepe, IE Reis, W Kwapil, MA Falkenberg, J Schön, H Behnken, J Bauer, ...
physica status solidi c 8 (3), 733-738, 2011
Investigation of the unidirectional spin heat conveyer effect in a 200 nm thin Yttrium Iron Garnet film
O Wid, J Bauer, A Müller, O Breitenstein, SSP Parkin, G Schmidt
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 28233, 2016
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