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DNA overwinds when stretched
J Gore, Z Bryant, M Nöllmann, MU Le, NR Cozzarelli, C Bustamante
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Heat does not come in different colours: entropy–enthalpy compensation, free energy windows, quantum confinement, pressure perturbation calorimetry, solvation and the multiple …
A Cooper, CM Johnson, JH Lakey, M Nöllmann
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Dynamics of neutrophil migration in lymph nodes during infection
T Chtanova, M Schaeffer, SJ Han, GG van Dooren, M Nollmann, ...
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Mechanochemical analysis of DNA gyrase using rotor bead tracking
J Gore, Z Bryant, MD Stone, M Nöllmann, NR Cozzarelli, C Bustamante
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Thirty years of Escherichia coli DNA gyrase: from in vivo function to single-molecule mechanism
M Nöllmann, NJ Crisona, PB Arimondo
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Sequence-directed DNA export guides chromosome translocation during sporulation in Bacillus subtilis
JL Ptacin, M Nollmann, EC Becker, NR Cozzarelli, K Pogliano, ...
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SOMO (SOlution MOdeler): differences between X-ray-and NMR-derived bead models suggest a role for side chain flexibility in protein hydrodynamics
N Rai, M Nöllmann, B Spotorno, G Tassara, O Byron, M Rocco
Structure 13 (5), 723-734, 2005
Condensin-and replication-mediated bacterial chromosome folding and origin condensation revealed by Hi-C and super-resolution imaging
M Marbouty, A Le Gall, DI Cattoni, A Cournac, A Koh, JB Fiche, ...
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Multiple modes of Escherichia coli DNA gyrase activity revealed by force and torque
M Nöllmann, MD Stone, Z Bryant, J Gore, NJ Crisona, SC Hong, ...
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SpoIIIE strips proteins off the DNA during chromosome translocation
KA Marquis, BM Burton, M Nollmann, JL Ptacin, C Bustamante, ...
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Chromatin immunoprecipitation indirect peaks highlight long-range interactions of insulator proteins and Pol II pausing
J Liang, L Lacroix, A Gamot, S Cuddapah, S Queille, P Lhoumaud, ...
Molecular cell 53 (4), 672-681, 2014
Identification of the FtsK sequence-recognition domain
JL Ptacin, M Nöllmann, C Bustamante, NR Cozzarelli
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The solution structure and oligomerization behavior of two bacterial toxins: pneumolysin and perfringolysin O
AS Solovyova, M Nöllmann, TJ Mitchell, O Byron
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Recruitment, assembly, and molecular architecture of the SpoIIIE DNA pump revealed by superresolution microscopy
JB Fiche, DI Cattoni, N Diekmann, JM Langerak, C Clerte, CA Royer, ...
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Giant proteins that move DNA: bullies of the genomic playground
NR Cozzarelli, GJ Cost, M Nöllmann, T Viard, JE Stray
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Roles of chromatin insulator proteins in higher-order chromatin organization and transcription regulation
J Vogelmann, A Valeri, E Guillou, O Cuvier, M Nollmann
Nucleus 2 (5), 358-369, 2011
Chromatin insulator factors involved in long-range DNA interactions and their role in the folding of the Drosophila genome
J Vogelmann, A Le Gall, S Dejardin, F Allemand, A Gamot, G Labesse, ...
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The role of cholesterol in the activity of pneumolysin, a bacterial protein toxin
M Nöllmann, R Gilbert, T Mitchell, M Sferrazza, O Byron
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Solution structure of the Tn3 resolvase-crossover site synaptic complex
M Nöllmann, J He, O Byron, WM Stark
Molecular cell 16 (1), 127-137, 2004
Stochastic self-assembly of ParB proteins builds the bacterial DNA segregation apparatus
A Sanchez, DI Cattoni, JC Walter, J Rech, A Parmeggiani, M Nollmann, ...
Cell systems 1 (2), 163-173, 2015
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