F. Tarlochan
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Hivatkozott rá
Corrosion and surface modification on biocompatible metals: A review
RIM Asri, WSW Harun, M Samykano, NAC Lah, SAC Ghani, F Tarlochan, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 77, 1261-1274, 2017
Design of thin wall structures for energy absorption applications: Enhancement of crashworthiness due to axial and oblique impact forces
F Tarlochan, F Samer, AMS Hamouda, S Ramesh, K Khalid
Thin-Walled Structures 71, 7-17, 2013
Mechanical and physical behavior of newly developed functionally graded materials and composites of stainless steel 316L with calcium silicate and hydroxyapatite
AA Oshkour, S Pramanik, M Mehrali, YH Yau, F Tarlochan, NAA Osman
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 49, 321-331, 2015
Combustion synthesis of bifunctional LaMO3 (M= Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni) perovskites for oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline media
A Ashok, A Kumar, RR Bhosale, F Almomani, SS Malik, S Suslov, ...
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 809, 22-30, 2018
Advanced composite sandwich structure design for energy absorption applications: Blast protection and crashworthiness
F Tarlochan, S Ramesh, S Harpreet
Composites Part B: Engineering 43 (5), 2198-2208, 2012
Characterization of biogenic hydroxyapatite derived from animal bones for biomedical applications
S Ramesh, ZZ Loo, CY Tan, WJK Chew, YC Ching, F Tarlochan, ...
Ceramics International 44 (9), 10525-10530, 2018
Copper (II) oxide nanoparticles as additve in engine oil to increase the durability of piston-liner contact
M Asnida, S Hisham, NW Awang, AK Amirruddin, MM Noor, K Kadirgama, ...
Fuel 212, 656-667, 2018
Composite sandwich structures with nested inserts for energy absorption application
F Tarlochan, S Ramesh
Composite Structures 94 (3), 904-916, 2012
Engineering Students' Readiness to Transition to Emergency Online Learning in Response to COVID-19: Case of Qatar.
KK Naji, X Du, F Tarlochan, U Ebead, MA Hasan, AK Al-Ali
EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education 16 (10), 2020
Simulation and experimental study of underwater dissimilar friction-stir welding between aluminium and steel
A Eyvazian, A Hamouda, F Tarlochan, HA Derazkola, F Khodabakhshi
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 9 (3), 3767-3781, 2020
Collapse behavior of thin-walled corrugated tapered tubes
AE Sami E. Alkhatib, Faris Tarlochan
Engineering Structures 150 (1), 674–692, 2017
Finite element analysis on the static and fatigue characteristics of composite multi-leaf spring
JJ Kueh, T Faris
Journal of Zhejiang University-Science A 13 (3), 159-164, 2012
The effect of lubrication in reducing net friction in warm powder compaction process
SSM Nor, MM Rahman, F Tarlochan, B Shahida, AK Ariffin
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 207 (1-3), 118-124, 2008
Finite element modelling and characterization of 3D cellular microstructures for the design of a cementless biomimetic porous hip stem
H Mehboob, F Tarlochan, A Mehboob, SH Chang
Materials & Design 149, 101-112, 2018
Design of new generation femoral prostheses using functionally graded materials: a finite element analysis
AA Oshkour, NA Abu Osman, YH Yau, F Tarlochan, WAB Wan Abas
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of …, 2013
Study of ethanol dehydrogenation reaction mechanism for hydrogen production on combustion synthesized cobalt catalyst
A Ashok, A Kumar, R Bhosale, MAS Saad, F AlMomani, F Tarlochan
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42 (37), 23464-23473, 2017
Cobalt oxide nanopowder synthesis using cellulose assisted combustion technique
A Ashok, A Kumar, RR Bhosale, MAH Saleh, UK Ghosh, M Al-Marri, ...
Ceramics International 42 (11), 12771-12777, 2016
In situ DRIFTS Studies on Cu, Ni and CuNi catalysts for Ethanol Decomposition Reaction
FT Anand Kumar , Anchu Ashok, Rahul R. Bhosale, Mohd Ali H. Saleh, Fares A ...
Catalysis Letters 146 (4), 778-787, 2016
Damping and vibration response of viscoelastic smart sandwich plate reinforced with non-uniform Graphene platelet with magnetorheological fluid core
SMAAD Arameh Eyvazian, Abdel Magid Hamouda, Faris Tarlochan
Steel and Composite Structures 33 (6), 891-906, 2019
Residual strength of chop strand mats glass fiber/epoxy composite structures: effect of temperature and water absorption
KJT Jeffrey, F Tarlochan, MM Rahman
International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering 4, 504-519, 2011
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