Åsmund Rinnan
Åsmund Rinnan
Associate professor, University of Copenhagen
E-mail megerősítve itt: food.ku.dk
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Review of the most common pre-processing techniques for near-infrared spectra
Å Rinnan, F van den Berg, SB Engelsen
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 28 (10), 1201-1222, 2009
Application of near infrared reflectance (NIR) and fluorescence spectroscopy to analysis of microbiological and chemical properties of arctic soil
R Rinnan, Å Rinnan
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 39 (7), 1664-1673, 2007
Effects of species-specific leaf characteristics and reduced water availability on fine particle capture efficiency of trees
JV Räsänen, T Holopainen, J Joutsensaari, C Ndam, P Pasanen, ...
Environmental Pollution 183, 64-70, 2013
Untargeted metabolomics as a screening tool for estimating compliance to a dietary pattern
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The effect of high pressure on the functional properties of pork myofibrillar proteins
A Grossi, K Olsen, T Bolumar, Å Rinnan, LH Øgendal, V Orlien
Food chemistry 196, 1005-1015, 2016
Pre-processing in vibrational spectroscopy–when, why and how
Å Rinnan
Analytical Methods 6 (18), 7124-7129, 2014
Data pre-processing
Å Rinnan, L Nørgaard, F van den Berg, J Thygesen, R Bro, SB Engelsen
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Data pre-processing: chapter 2
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Recent chemometrics advances for foodomics
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Å Rinnan, CM Andersen
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Large increases in Arctic biogenic volatile emissions are a direct effect of warming
M Kramshøj, I Vedel-Petersen, M Schollert, Å Rinnan, J Nymand, ...
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H Babamoradi, F van den Berg, Å Rinnan
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First order Rayleigh scatter as a separate component in the decomposition of fluorescence landscapes
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Standard error of prediction for multilinear PLS: 2. Practical implementation in fluorescence spectroscopy
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Doubled volatile organic compound emissions from subarctic tundra under simulated climate warming
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Nucleic acid based fluorescent nanothermometers
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Distribution of water in fresh cod
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Variations in the polyphenol content of seeds of field grown Amaranthus genotypes
SK Steffensen, Å Rinnan, AG Mortensen, B Laursen, RM de Troiani, ...
Food Chemistry 129 (1), 131-138, 2011
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