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The abundance of seafloor massive sulfide deposits
M Hannington, J Jamieson, T Monecke, S Petersen, S Beaulieu
Geology 39 (12), 1155-1158, 2011
Tetrad effect in rare earth element distribution patterns: a method of quantification with application to rock and mineral samples from granite-related rare metal deposits
T Monecke, U Kempe, J Monecke, M Sala, D Wolf
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 66 (7), 1185-1196, 2002
Genetic significance of the trace element content in metamorphic and hydrothermal quartz: a reconnaissance study
T Monecke, U Kempe, J Götze
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 202 (3-4), 709-724, 2002
Origin of convex tetrads in rare earth element patterns of hydrothermally altered siliceous igneous rocks from the Zinnwald Sn–W deposit, Germany
T Monecke, P Dulski, U Kempe
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 71 (2), 335-353, 2007
Modern sea-floor massive sulfides and base metal resources: toward an estimate of global sea-floor massive sulfide potential
M Hannington, J Jamieson, T Monecke, S Petersen
Quartz Solubility in the H2O-NaCl System: A Framework for Understanding Vein Formation in Porphyry Copper Deposits
T Monecke, J Monecke, TJ Reynolds, S Tsuruoka, MM Bennett, ...
Economic Geology 113 (5), 1007-1046, 2018
The minor element endowment of modern sea-floor massive sulfides and comparison with deposits hosted in ancient volcanic successions
T Monecke, S Petersen, MD Hannington, H Grant, IM Samson
Constraints on water depth of massive sulfide formation: evidence from modern seafloor hydrothermal systems in arc-related settings
T Monecke, S Petersen, MD Hannington
Economic Geology 109 (8), 2079-2101, 2014
Preferred orientation of mineral grains in sample mounts for quantitative XRD measurements: How random are powder samples?
R Kleeberg, T Monecke, S Hillier
Clays and clay minerals 56 (4), 404-415, 2008
Drilling shallow-water massive sulfides at the Palinuro volcanic complex, Aeolian island arc, Italy
S Petersen, T Monecke, A Westhues, MD Hannington, JB Gemmell, ...
Economic Geology 109 (8), 2129-2158, 2014
Unusual rare earth element fractionation in a tin-bearing magmatic-hydrothermal system
T Monecke, U Kempe, M Trinkler, R Thomas, P Dulski, T Wagner
Geology 39 (4), 295-298, 2011
Geology of the Abitibi greenstone belt
T Monecke, P Mercier-Langevin, B Dubé, BM Frieman
Quantitative phase-analysis by the Rietveld method using X-ray powder-diffraction data: Application to the study of alteration halos associated with volcanic-rock-hosted …
T Monecke, S Köhler, R Kleeberg, PM Herzig, JB Gemmell
The Canadian Mineralogist 39 (6), 1617-1633, 2001
U-Pb geochronology of the Blake River Group, Abitibi greenstone belt, Quebec, and implications for base metal exploration
V McNicoll, J Goutier, B Dubé, P Mercier-Langevin, PS Ross, C Dion, ...
Economic Geology 109 (1), 27-59, 2014
Constraints on the geodynamic evolution of the southern Superior Province: U-Pb LA-ICP-MS analysis of detrital zircon in successor basins of the Archean Abitibi and Pontiac …
BM Frieman, YD Kuiper, NM Kelly, T Monecke, A Kylander-Clark
Precambrian Research 292, 398-416, 2017
Truncated fractal frequency distribution of element abundance data: a dynamic model for the metasomatic enrichment of base and precious metals
T Monecke, J Monecke, PM Herzig, JB Gemmell, W Mönch
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 232 (3-4), 363-378, 2005
Fractal distributions of veins in drill core from the Hellyer VHMS deposit, Australia: constraints on the origin and evolution of the mineralising system
T Monecke, JB Gemmell, J Monecke
Mineralium Deposita 36, 406-415, 2001
Alternative algorithm for the correction of preferred orientation in Rietveld analysis
J Bergmann, T Monecke, R Kleeberg
Journal of Applied Crystallography 34 (1), 16-19, 2001
Application of U-Th-Pb phosphate geochronology to young orogenic gold deposits: New age constraints on the formation of the Grass Valley gold district, Sierra Nevada foothills …
RD Taylor, RJ Goldfarb, T Monecke, IR Fletcher, MA Cosca, NM Kelly
Economic Geology 110 (5), 1313-1337, 2015
A special issue on Archean magmatism, volcanism, and ore deposits: Part 2. Volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits preface
P Mercier-Langevin, HL Gibson, MD Hannington, J Goutier, T Monecke, ...
Economic Geology 109 (1), 1-9, 2014
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