Igor Krivenko
Igor Krivenko
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Hivatkozott rá
TRIQS: A toolbox for research on interacting quantum systems
O Parcollet, M Ferrero, T Ayral, H Hafermann, I Krivenko, L Messio, P Seth
Computer Physics Communications 196, 398-415, 2015
TRIQS/CTHYB: A continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo hybridisation expansion solver for quantum impurity problems
P Seth, I Krivenko, M Ferrero, O Parcollet
Computer Physics Communications 200, 274-284, 2016
Chebyshev polynomial representation of imaginary-time response functions
E Gull, S Iskakov, I Krivenko, AA Rusakov, D Zgid
Physical Review B 98 (7), 075127, 2018
Dynamics of Kondo voltage splitting after a quantum quench
I Krivenko, J Kleinhenz, G Cohen, E Gull
Physical Review B 100 (20), 201104, 2019
Quantum Monte Carlo solution of the dynamical mean field equations in real time
Q Dong, I Krivenko, J Kleinhenz, AE Antipov, G Cohen, E Gull
Physical Review B 96 (15), 155126, 2017
Role of rotational symmetry in the magnetism of a multiorbital model
AE Antipov, IS Krivenko, VI Anisimov, AI Lichtenstein, AN Rubtsov
Physical Review B 86 (15), 155107, 2012
Quantum spin fluctuations and evolution of electronic structure in cuprates
EA Stepanov, L Peters, IS Krivenko, AI Lichtenstein, MI Katsnelson, ...
npj Quantum Materials 3 (1), 54, 2018
TRIQS/SOM: Implementation of the stochastic optimization method for analytic continuation
I Krivenko, M Harland
Computer Physics Communications 239, 166-183, 2019
Importance of effective dimensionality in manganese pnictides
M Zingl, E Assmann, P Seth, I Krivenko, M Aichhorn
Physical Review B 94 (4), 045130, 2016
Unconventional Hund metal in a weak itinerant ferromagnet
X Chen, I Krivenko, MB Stone, AI Kolesnikov, T Wolf, D Reznik, KS Bedell, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 3076, 2020
Quantum many-body intermetallics: Phase stability of and small-gap formation in
O Kristanovski, R Richter, I Krivenko, AI Lichtenstein, F Lechermann
Physical Review B 95 (4), 045114, 2017
Analytical approximation for single-impurity Anderson model
IS Krivenko, AN Rubtsov, MI Katsnelson, AI Lichtenstein
JETP letters 91, 319-325, 2010
Cobalt adatoms on graphene: Effects of anisotropies on the correlated electronic structure
R Mozara, M Valentyuk, I Krivenko, E Şaşıoğlu, J Kolorenč, ...
Physical Review B 97 (8), 085133, 2018
Dynamic control of nonequilibrium metal-insulator transitions
J Kleinhenz, I Krivenko, G Cohen, E Gull
Physical Review B 102 (20), 205138, 2020
Updated core libraries of the ALPS project
M Wallerberger, S Iskakov, A Gaenko, J Kleinhenz, I Krivenko, R Levy, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.08331, 2018
Slave rotor approach to dynamically screened Coulomb interactions in solids
IS Krivenko, S Biermann
Physical Review B 91 (15), 155149, 2015
Analytic continuation of quantum Monte Carlo data: optimal stochastic regularization approach
IS Krivenko, AN Rubtsov
arXiv preprint cond-mat/0612233, 2006
Kondo cloud in a one-dimensional nanowire
J Kleinhenz, I Krivenko, G Cohen, E Gull
Physical Review B 105 (8), 085126, 2022
Short range proximity effect induced by exchange interaction in tunnel-coupled CdTe and (Cd, Mn) Te quantum wells
E Kirstein, NV Kozyrev, MM Afanasiev, VN Mantsevich, IS Krivenko, ...
Physical Review B 101 (3), 035301, 2020
Analysis of the nature of the peak structure of Hubbard subbands using the quantum Monte Carlo method
IS Krivenko, AN Rubtsov
JETP letters 94, 768-773, 2012
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