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Kornél Király
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Desacyl ghrelin inhibits the orexigenic effect of peripherally injected ghrelin in rats
T Inhoff, H Mönnikes, S Noetzel, A Stengel, M Goebel, QT Dinh, A Riedl, ...
Peptides 29 (12), 2159-2168, 2008
Central P2Y12 receptor blockade alleviates inflammatory and neuropathic pain and cytokine production in rodents
G Horváth, F Gölöncsér, C Csölle, K Király, RD Andó, M Baranyi, ...
Neurobiology of disease 70, 162-178, 2014
DAMGO and 6β-glycine substituted 14-O-methyloxymorphone but not morphine show peripheral, preemptive antinociception after systemic administration in a mouse visceral pain …
M Al-Khrasani, M Spetea, T Friedmann, P Riba, K Király, ...
Brain research bulletin 74 (5), 369-375, 2007
Nocistatin and nociceptin given centrally induce opioid-mediated gastric mucosal protection
ZS Zádori, N Shujaa, L Köles, KP Király, K Tekes, K Gyires
Peptides 29 (12), 2257-2265, 2008
The dipeptidyl peptidase IV (CD26, EC 3.4. 14.5) inhibitor vildagliptin is a potent antihyperalgesic in rats by promoting endomorphin-2 generation in the spinal cord
K Király, AM Lambeir, J Szalai, A Szentirmay, W Luyten, I Barna, Z Puskár, ...
European journal of pharmacology 650 (1), 195-199, 2011
The central versus peripheral antinociceptive effects of μ-opioid receptor agonists in the new model of rat visceral pain
M Al-Khrasani, E Lackó, P Riba, K Király, M Sobor, J Timár, S Mousa, ...
Brain research bulletin 87 (2-3), 238-243, 2012
Alterations in prodynorphin gene expression and dynorphin levels in different brain regions after chronic administration of 14-methoxymetopon and oxycodone-6-oxime
KP Király, P Riba, C D’Addario, M Di Benedetto, D Landuzzi, S Candeletti, ...
Brain research bulletin 70 (3), 233-239, 2006
Peri, pre and postnatal morphine exposure: exposure-induced effects and sex differences in the behavioural consequences in rat offspring
J Timár, M Sobor, KP Király, S Gyarmati, P Riba, M Al-Khrasani, S Fürst
Behavioural pharmacology 21 (1), 58-68, 2010
Spinal interaction between the highly selective μ agonist DAMGO and several δ opioid receptor ligands in naive and morphine-tolerant mice
AK Szentirmay, KP Király, N Lenkey, E Lackó, M Al-Khrasani, ...
Brain research bulletin 90, 66-71, 2013
New morphine analogs produce peripheral antinociception within a certain dose range of their systemic administration
E Lackó, P Riba, Z Giricz, A Váradi, L Cornic, M Balogh, K Király, K Csekő, ...
Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 359 (1), 171-181, 2016
Immunoreactive endomorphin 2 is generated extracellularly in rat isolated L4, 5 dorsal root ganglia by DPP-IV
AZ Rónai, K Király, A Szebeni, E Szemenyei, Z Prohászka, Z Darula, ...
Regulatory peptides 157 (1-3), 1-2, 2009
Does the effect of morphine challenge change on maternal behaviour of dams chronically treated with morphine during gestation and further on during lactation?
M Sobor, J Timár, P Riba, KP Király, S Gyarmati, M Al-Khrasani, S Fürst
Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 95 (3), 367-374, 2010
Novel approach to demonstrate high efficacy of μ opioids in the rat vas deferens: a simple model of predictive value
P Riba, T Friedmann, KP Király, M Al-Khrasani, M Sobor, MF Asim, ...
Brain research bulletin 81 (1), 178-184, 2010
Glial cell type-specific changes in spinal dipeptidyl peptidase 4 expression and effects of its inhibitors in inflammatory and neuropatic pain
K Király, M Kozsurek, E Lukácsi, B Barta, A Alpár, T Balázsa, C Fekete, ...
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 1-15, 2018
A new potent analgesic agent with reduced liability to produce morphine tolerance
K Kiraly, FF Caputi, A Hanuska, E Kató, M Balogh, L Köles, M Palmisano, ...
Brain Research Bulletin 117, 32-38, 2015
Effects of opioid agonist and antagonist in dams exposed to morphine during the perinatal period
M Sobor, J Timár, P Riba, T Friedmann, KP Király, S Gyarmati, ...
Brain research bulletin 84 (1), 53-60, 2011
Synthesis and pharmacological activities of 6-glycine substituted 14-phenylpropoxymorphinans, a novel class of opioids with high opioid receptor affinities and antinociceptive …
M Spetea, P Windisch, Y Guo, I Bileviciute-Ljungar, J Schütz, MF Asim, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 54 (4), 980-988, 2011
Intrathecally injected Ile-Pro-Ile, an inhibitor of membrane ectoenzyme dipeptidyl peptidase IV, is antihyperalgesic in rats by switching the enzyme from hydrolase to synthase …
K Király, B Szalay, J Szalai, I Barna, K Gyires, M Verbeken, AZ Rónai
European journal of pharmacology 620 (1-3), 21-26, 2009
Selegiline reduces adiposity induced by high‐fat, high‐sucrose diet in male rats
CT Nagy, G Koncsos, ZV Varga, T Baranyai, S Tuza, F Kassai, AJ Ernyey, ...
British journal of pharmacology 175 (18), 3713-3726, 2018
New opioid receptor antagonist: Naltrexone-14-O-sulfate synthesis and pharmacology
F Zádor, K Király, A Váradi, M Balogh, Á Fehér, D Kocsis, AI Erdei, ...
European journal of pharmacology 809, 111-121, 2017
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