Philip Riekenberg
Philip Riekenberg
NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
E-mail megerősítve itt: nioz.nl
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Carbon dynamics on the Louisiana continental shelf and cross-shelf feeding of hypoxia
B Fry, D Justić, P Riekenberg, EM Swenson, RE Turner, L Wang, L Pride, ...
Estuaries and Coasts 38, 703-721, 2015
Stable isotopes clearly track mangrove inputs and food web changes along a reforestation gradient
AYH Then, MF Adame, B Fry, VC Chong, PM Riekenberg, ...
Ecosystems 24, 939-954, 2021
Combining isotopic analysis of bulk-skin and individual amino acids to investigate the trophic position and foraging areas of multiple cetacean species in the western South …
GC Troina, P Riekenberg, MTJ van der Meer, S Botta, F Dehairs, ...
Environmental Research 201, 111610, 2021
Uptake of dissolved organic and inorganic nitrogen in microalgae-dominated sediment: comparing dark and light in situ and ex situ additions of 15N
PM Riekenberg, JM Oakes, BD Eyre
Marine Ecology Progress Series 571, 29-42, 2017
The important role of sponges in carbon and nitrogen cycling in a deep‐sea biological hotspot
U Hanz, P Riekenberg, A de Kluijver, M van der Meer, JJ Middelburg, ...
Functional Ecology 36 (9), 2188-2199, 2022
Trophic plasticity of the methanotrophic mussel Bathymodiolus childressi in the Gulf of Mexico
PM Riekenberg, RS Carney, B Fry
Marine Ecology Progress Series 547, 91-106, 2016
Practical considerations for improved reliability and precision during determination of δ15N values in amino acids using a single combined oxidation–reduction …
PM Riekenberg, M van der Meer, S Schouten
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 34 (14), e8797, 2020
Short-term fate of intertidal microphytobenthos carbon under enhanced nutrient availability: a C pulse-chase experiment
PM Riekenberg, JM Oakes, BD Eyre
Biogeosciences 15 (9), 2873-2889, 2018
Shining light on priming in euphotic sediments: nutrient enrichment stimulates export of stored organic matter
PM Riekenberg, JM Oakes, BD Eyre
Environmental Science & Technology 54 (18), 11165-11172, 2020
Assimilation and short‐term processing of microphytobenthos nitrogen in intertidal sediments
JM Oakes, PM Riekenberg, BD Eyre
Limnology and Oceanography 65 (10), 2377-2389, 2020
Isotopic discrimination in helminths infecting coral reef fishes depends on parasite group, habitat within host, and host stable isotope value
PM Riekenberg, MJ Briand, T Moléana, P Sasal, MTJ van Der Meer, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 4638, 2021
Compound-specific stable isotope analysis of amino acid nitrogen reveals detrital support of microphytobenthos in the Dutch Wadden Sea benthic food web
PM Riekenberg, T van der Heide, SJ Holthuijsen, HW van der Veer, ...
Frontiers In Ecology and Evolution, 2022
Stable nitrogen isotope analysis of amino acids as a new tool to clarify complex parasite–host interactions within food webs
DWT Philip M. Riekenberg, Tijs Joling, Lonneke L. IJsseldijk, Andreas M ...
Oikos 130 (10), 1650-1654, 2021
A shift in the pool of retained microphytobenthos nitrogen under enhanced nutrient availability
PM Riekenberg, JM Oakes, BD Eyre
Water Research 187, 116438, 2020
Reconstructing the diet, trophic level and migration pattern of mysticete whales based on baleen isotopic composition
PM Riekenberg, J Camalich, E Svensson, LL IJsseldijk, SMJM Brasseur, ...
Royal Society Open Science 8 (12), 210949, 2021
Shell carbon isotope indicators of metabolic activity in the deep-sea mussel Bathymodiolus childressi
PM Riekenberg, RS Carney, B Fry
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 134, 48-54, 2018
Parasite effects on host’s trophic and isotopic niches
A Born-Torrijos, P Riekenberg, MTJ van der Meer, M Nachev, B Sures, ...
Trends in parasitology, 2023
Trophic placement of peripheral fauna in the food web near the Favne and Aegir hydrothermal vent fields, Arctic Mid Ocean Ridge
F Mienis, M van der Meer, P Ribeiro, PM Riekenberg, M Vos, M Syvderud
2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2024
A 75-year record of North Sea food web dynamics based on the stable nitrogen isotopic composition of amino acids from harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena).
PM Riekenberg, LL Ijsseldiek, MF Leopold, JT Christensen, A Gröne, ...
Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis of Amino Acids for Aquatic Systems-Problems, Challenges, Solutions: A Review
S Khaliq, M Jochmann, T Hesse, M Nachev, B Sures, PM Riekenberg, ...
The paper is under review at Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 2023
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