Emilia Koivisto
Emilia Koivisto
Docent of Solid Earth Geophysics, Lecturer of Applied Geophysics, University of Helsinki
E-mail megerősítve itt: helsinki.fi
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
3D reflection seismic imaging for open-pit mine planning and deep exploration in the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE deposit, northern Finland
A Malehmir, C Juhlin, C Wijns, M Urosevic, P Valasti, E Koivisto
Geophysics 77 (5), WC95-WC108, 2012
2D reflection seismic investigations at the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE deposit, northern Finland
E Koivisto, A Malehmir, P Heikkinen, S Heinonen, I Kukkonen
Geophysics 77 (5), WC149-WC162, 2012
A review of reflection seismic investigations in three major metallogenic regions: The Kevitsa Ni–Cu–PGE district (Finland), Witwatersrand goldfields (South Africa), and the …
A Malehmir, E Koivisto, M Manzi, S Cheraghi, RJ Durrheim, G Bellefleur, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 56, 423-441, 2014
Building a 3D model of lithological contacts and near‐mine structures in the Kevitsa mining and exploration site, Northern Finland: constraints from 2D and 3D reflection …
E Koivisto, A Malehmir, N Hellqvist, T Voipio, C Wijns
Geophysical Prospecting 63 (4-Hard Rock Seismic imaging), 754-773, 2015
Orienting international science cooperation to meet global ‘grand challenges’
M Keenan, P Cutler, J Marks, R Meylan, C Smith, E Koivisto
Science and Public Policy 39 (2), 166-177, 2012
Tests of fixity of the Indo‐Atlantic hot spots relative to Pacific hot spots
EA Koivisto, DL Andrews, RG Gordon
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 119 (1), 661-675, 2014
Sparse 3D seismic imaging in the Kylylahti mine area, Eastern Finland: comparison of time versus depth approach
B Singh, M Malinowski, F Hloušek, E Koivisto, S Heinonen, O Hellwig, ...
Minerals 9 (5), 305, 2019
GIS-based 3D sedimentary model for visualizing complex glacial deposition in Kersilö, Finnish Lapland
A Åberg, VP Salonen, K Korkka-Niemi, A Rautio, E Koivisto, S Åberg
Application of surface‐wave tomography to mineral exploration: a case study from Siilinjärvi, Finland
F Da Col, M Papadopoulou, E Koivisto, Ł Sito, M Savolainen, LV Socco
Geophysical Prospecting 68 (1-Cost‐Effective and Innovative Mineral …, 2020
Underground vertical seismic profiling with conventional and fiber-optic systems for exploration in the Kylylahti Polymetallic Mine, Eastern Finland
M Riedel, C Cosma, N Enescu, E Koivisto, K Komminaho, K Vaittinen, ...
Minerals 8 (11), 538, 2018
Pros and cons of 2D vs 3D seismic mineral exploration surveys
A Malehmir, G Bellefleur, E Koivisto, C Juhlin
First Break 35 (8), 2017
The spreading-rate dependence of anomalous skewness of Pacific plate magnetic anomaly 32: Revisited
EA Koivisto, RG Gordon, J Dyment, J Arkani-Hamed
Lithosphere 3 (6), 371-378, 2011
Why 3D seismic data are an asset for exploration and mine planning? Velocity tomography of weakness zones in the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE mine, northern Finland
A Malehmir, A Tryggvason, C Wijns, E Koivisto, T Lindqvist, P Skyttä, ...
Geophysics 83 (2), B33-B46, 2018
Cost-effective seismic exploration: 2D reflection imaging at the Kylylahti massive sulfide deposit, Finland
S Heinonen, M Malinowski, F Hloušek, G Gislason, S Buske, E Koivisto, ...
Minerals 9 (5), 263, 2019
Automatic 3D illumination-diagnosis method for large-N arrays: Robust data scanner and machine-learning feature provider
M Chamarczuk, M Malinowski, Y Nishitsuji, J Thorbecke, E Koivisto, ...
Geophysics 84 (3), Q13-Q25, 2019
The seismic signature of the Kylylahti deposit: Initial results from new petrophysical measurements
T Luhta, S Mertanen, E Koivisto, S Heinonen, T Törmälehto, I Kukkonen
FIRE high resolution seismic survey in Outokumpu
PJ Heikkinen, EAL Koivisto, I Kukkonen
Outokumpu Deep Drilling Project-Second Internatinal Workshop: Programme and …, 2007
Data mining of petrophysical and lithogeochemical borehole data to elucidate the origin of seismic reflectivity within the Kevitsa Ni–Cu–PGE bearing intrusion, northern Finland
N Junno, E Koivisto, I Kukkonen, A Malehmir, C Wijns, M Montonen
Geophysical Prospecting 68 (1-Cost‐Effective and Innovative Mineral …, 2020
Delineating the network of brittle structures with geotechnical, structural and reflection seismic data, Kevitsa open pit, northern Finland
T Lindqvist, P Skyttä, E Koivisto, T Häkkinen, P Somervuori
GeoResJ 13, 159-174, 2017
Petrophysical properties of the Kylylahti Cu-Au-Zn sulphide mineralization and its host rocks
TO Luhta, S Mertanen, EAL Koivisto, S Heinonen, ...
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