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Hivatkozott rá
3D Rapid Prototyping Technology (RPT) as a powerful tool in microfluidic development
A Bonyár, H Sántha, B Ring, M Varga, JG Kovács, G Harsányi
Procedia Engineering 5, 291-294, 2010
Characterization of rapid PDMS casting technique utilizing molding forms fabricated by 3D rapid prototyping technology (RPT)
A Bonyár, H Sántha, M Varga, B Ring, A Vitéz, G Harsányi
International Journal of Material Forming 7, 189-196, 2014
A review on current eCall systems for autonomous car accident detection
A Bonyár, A Géczy, O Krammer, H Sántha, B Illés, J Kámán, Z Szalay, ...
2017 40th International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology (ISSE), 1-8, 2017
Hybridization chain reaction performed on a metal surface as a means of signal amplification in SPR and electrochemical biosensors
FM Spiga, A Bonyar, B Ring, M Onofri, A Vinelli, H Santha, C Guiducci, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 54, 102-108, 2014
Polytronics for biotronics: unique possibilities of polymers in biosensors and bioMEMS?
G Harsanyi, H Santha
2nd International IEEE Conference on Polymers and Adhesives in …, 2002
A colorimetry based, semi-automated portable sensor device for the detection of arsenic in drinking water
A Bonyar, P Nagy, V Mayer, A Vitéz, A Gerecs, H Sántha, G Harsányi
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 251, 1042-1049, 2017
Amperometric uric acid biosensors fabricated of various types of uricase enzymes
H Sántha, R Dobay, G Harsányi
IEEE sensors journal 3 (3), 282-287, 2003
Phantom with pulsatile arteries to investigate the influence of blood vessel depth on pulse oximeter signal strength
N Stuban, M Niwayama, H Santha
Sensors 12 (1), 895-904, 2012
Web server based remote health monitoring system
I Bosznai, F Ender, H Sántha
2009 32nd International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology, 1-6, 2009
On-line cell lysis of bacteria and its spores using a microfluidic biochip
M Cíchová, M Prokšová, L Tóthová, H Sántha, V Mayer
Open Life Sciences 7 (2), 230-240, 2012
Design considerations of small size reflective type pulse oximeter heads in special applications
H Santha, N Stuban, G Harsanyi
2006 1st Electronic Systemintegration Technology Conference 1, 404-408, 2006
A novel point of care diagnostic device: impedimetric detection of a biomarker in whole blood
AA McMurray, Z Ali, J Kyselovik, CA Mills, NJ Renault, H Santha, ...
2007 29th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2007
A custom-developed SPRi instrument for biosensor research
A Bonyár, H Sántha, B Ring, G Harsányi
5th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and …, 2012
DNA chip with electronically accelerated processes
A Gyorffy, H Santha
26th International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology: Integrated …, 2003
Force sensitive smart laparoscope of robin heart surgical robot
J Radó, C Dücső, P Földesy, G Szebényi, H Sántha, K Rohr, L Mucha, ...
2018 Symposium on Design, Test, Integration & Packaging of MEMS and MOEMS …, 2018
Optimization of microfluidic flow sensors for different flow ranges by FEM simulation
F Ender, H Sántha, V Székely
33rd International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology, ISSE 2010, 308-313, 2010
Comparison of the performances of conductometric microsensors for different technologies and designs of interdigitated electrodes
B Khadro, H Santha, P Nagy, G Harsanyi, N Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Letters 6 (3), 413-416, 2008
Robin Heart INCITE-wprowadzenie sprzężenia siłowego dla telemanipulatora chirurgicznego
Z Nawrat, Ł Mucha, K Rohr, K Lis, K Lehrich, D Krawczyk, P Földesy, ...
Medical Robotics Reports 5, 2016
The effect of elevated water sample temperature on the performance of a custom-developed colorimetric arsenic sensor
P Nagy, A Bonyar, H Sántha, G Harsányi
Procedia Engineering 168, 1479-1482, 2016
Novel interdigitated transducer structures for biosensoric applications
A Bonyár, H Sántha
2009 32nd International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology, 1-7, 2009
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