Ilia Samusev
Ilia Samusev
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Microplastic content variation in water column: The observations employing a novel sampling tool in stratified Baltic Sea
MB Zobkov, EE Esiukova, AY Zyubin, IG Samusev
Marine pollution bulletin 138, 193-205, 2019
Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for antiplatelet therapy effectiveness assessment
A Zyubin, V Rafalskiy, A Tcibulnikova, E Moiseeva, K Matveeva, ...
Laser Physics Letters 17 (4), 045601, 2020
FTDT simulations of local plasmonic fields for theranostic core-shell gold-based nanoparticles
I Kon, A Zyubin, I Samusev
JOSA A 37 (9), 1398-1403, 2020
Plasmon enhancement of Raman scattering and fluorescence for rhodamine 6G molecules in the porous glass and PVA films with nanoparticles of silver citrate hydrosol
EI Konstantinova, AU Zyubin, VA Slezhkin, IG Samusev, VV Bryukhanov
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 737 (1), 012037, 2016
Dataset of human platelets in healthy and individuals with cardiovascular pathology obtained by Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
A Zyubin, V Rafalskiy, A Tcibulnikova, K Matveeva, E Moiseeva, ...
Data in brief 29, 105145, 2020
Thermal Dynamics of Xanthene Dye in Polymer Matrix Excited by Double Pulse Laser Radiation
I Samusev, R Borkunov, M Tsarkov, E Konstantinova, Y Antipov, M Demin, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 961 (1), 012011, 2018
Application of quantum dots CdZnSeS/ZnS luminescence, enhanced by plasmons of silver rough surface for detection of albumin in blood facies of infected person
E Konstantinova, A Zyubin, E Moiseeva, K Matveeva, V Slezhkin, ...
Biophotonics—Riga 2017 10592, 62-68, 2017
Numerical FDTD-based simulations and Raman experiments of femtosecond LIPSS
A Zyubin, I Kon, A Tcibulnikova, K Matveeva, A Khankaev, N Myslitskaya, ...
Optics Express 29 (3), 4547-4558, 2021
Spectral and temperature dynamics of the processes inside aqueous droplets containing eosine molecules and silver nanoparticles upon laser excitation in the IR and visible Ranges
NA Myslitskaya, RY Borkunov, MV Tsar’kov, VA Slezhkin, IG Samusev, ...
Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A 93 (8), 1559-1566, 2019
Plasmon processes of electronic energy transfer to adsorbed rhodamine 6G during clustering of silver nanoparticles on the surface of macroporous silica
NS Tikhomirova, IG Samusev, VA Slezhkin, AY Zyubin, VV Bryukhanov
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy 84 (2), 261-267, 2017
Effect of Silver Nanoparticles on Singlet–Singlet Energy Transfer Dynamics of Luminophores in Thin Films of Polyvinyl Alcohol
VV Bryukhanov, AV Tsibul’nikova, IG Samusev, VA Slezhkin
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy 81 (4), 570-576, 2014
Prospects for Raman spectroscopy in cardiology
VV Rafalsky, AY Zyubin, EM Moiseeva, IG Samusev
Cardiovascular Therapy and Prevention 19 (1), 70-77, 2020
Magnetic and optical properties of gold-coated iron oxide nanoparticles
A Omelyanchik, M Efremova, N Myslitskaya, A Zybin, BJ Carey, J Sickel, ...
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 19 (8), 4987-4993, 2019
Raman spectroscopy reveals M. tuberculosis strains with different antibiotic susceptibility
A Zyubin, A Lavrova, O Manicheva, M Dogonadze, V Belik, I Samusev
Laser Physics Letters 16 (8), 085602, 2019
Anomalous diffusion in the triplet-triplet energy transfer between the phosphors on the boundary of the solid-liquid
VV Bryukhanov, IG Samusev, AM Ivanov
Opt 12, 20-24, 2005
Raman spectroscopy for glutathione measurements in Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains with different antibiotic resistance
A Zyubin, A Lavrova, O Manicheva, M Dogonadze, V Belik, I Samusev
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 52 (9), 1661-1666, 2021
FTDT numerical calculatons of local plasmonic fields for multilayer gold nanoparticles-agents for theranostics
II Kon, AY Zyubin, AY Seteikin, IG Samusev
Nanophotonics VIII 11345, 253-259, 2020
Dynamics of colloid silver nanoparticles in an evaporating water drop
NA Myslitskaya, AV Khitrin, AM Ivanov, IG Samusev, VV Bryukhanov
Russian Physics Journal 54 (11), 1280-1285, 2012
Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Triplet–Triplet Annihilation of 1, 2-Benzanthracene in a Polymer Matrix
VV Bryukhanov, IG Samusev, SG Karstina
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy 71 (1), 54-59, 2004
Generation of supercontinuum in filamentation regime in a water droplet containing silver nanoparticles at low temperature
NA Myslitskaya, AV Tsibul’nikova, VA Slezhkin, IG Samusev, YN Antipov, ...
Optics and spectroscopy 128 (12), 1954-1962, 2020
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