Joshua Lessing
Joshua Lessing
Postdoctoral fellow - Harvard Dept of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
E-mail megerősítve itt: gmwgroup.harvard.edu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Inkjet printing of conductive inks with high lateral resolution on omniphobic “RF paper” for paper-based electronics and MEMS
J Lessing, AC Glavan, SB Walker, C Keplinger, J Lewis, GMC Whitesides
Advanced Materials, 2014
Folding Analytical Devices for Electrochemical ELISA in Hydrophobic RH Paper
AC Glavan, DC Christodouleas, B Mosadegh, HD Yu, BS Smith, J Lessing, ...
Analytical chemistry 86 (24), 11999-12007, 2014
Linked promotional bingo game
Y Itkis, B Itkis
US Patent App. 10/093,023, 2003
Melting of a β-hairpin peptide using isotope-edited 2D IR spectroscopy and simulations
AW Smith, J Lessing, Z Ganim, CS Peng, A Tokmakoff, S Roy, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (34), 10913-10924, 2010
Using “click-e-bricks” to make 3D elastomeric structures
SA Morin, Y Shevchenko, J Lessing, SW Kwok, RF Shepherd, AA Stokes, ...
Advanced Materials, 2014
Retractable camera mounting mechanism
N Stiepel, T Traser
US Patent 6,652,164, 2003
Elastomeric tiles for the fabrication of inflatable structures
SA Morin, SW Kwok, J Lessing, J Ting, RF Shepherd, AA Stokes, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (35), 5541-5549, 2014
Solvent and conformation dependence of amide I vibrations in peptides and proteins containing proline
S Roy, J Lessing, G Meisl, Z Ganim, A Tokmakoff, J Knoester, TLC Jansen
The Journal of chemical physics 135 (23), 2011
Soft robotic actuators utilizing asymmetric surfaces
JA Lessing, RR Knopf, N McLellan
US Patent 10,974,382, 2021
Soft robotic actuator attachment hub and grasper assembly, reinforced actuators, and electroadhesive actuators
JA Lessing, RR Knopf, CE Vause, K Alcedo
US Patent 10,118,301, 2018
Identifying residual structure in intrinsically disordered systems: a 2D IR spectroscopic study of the GVGXPGVG peptide
J Lessing, S Roy, M Reppert, M Baer, D Marx, TLC Jansen, J Knoester, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (11), 5032-5035, 2012
Soft robotic grippers for cluttered grasping environments, high acceleration movements, food manipulation, and automated storage and retrieval systems
JA Lessing, R Knopf, K Alcedo, DV Harburg, SP Singh
US Patent 10,179,411, 2019
Flexible and stretchable electronic strain-limited layer for soft actuators
JA Lessing, RV Martinez, AS Tayi, JM Ting, GM Whitesides
US Patent 9,993,921, 2018
Modular robotic systems
JA Lessing, K Alcedo, RR Knopf, DV Harburg
US Patent 10,179,410, 2019
Stretchable conductive composites based on metal wools for use as electrical vias in soft devices
J Lessing, SA Morin, C Keplinger, AS Tayi, GM Whitesides
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (9), 1418-1425, 2015
Soft robotic actuators and methods of manufacturing the same
JA Lessing, RR Knopf, CE Vause, DV Harburg
US Patent 10,173,328, 2019
Soft robotic actuator enhancements
JA Lessing, R Knopf, C Vause
US Patent 10,189,168, 2019
Dome-distortion and fluorine-lined channels: synthesis, and molecular and crystal structure of a metal-and C–H bonds-free fluorophthalocyanine
HJ Lee, WW Brennessel, JA Lessing, WW Brucker, VG Young Jr, ...
Chemical communications, 1576-1577, 2003
Soft robotic actuators for positioning, packaging, and assembling
J Lessing, DV Harburg, SP Singh, J Curhan
US Patent 10,597,275, 2020
Soft conformal laparoscopic instrument
CE Vause, JA Lessing, RR Knopf
US Patent 10,208,925, 2019
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