Vassili Mikhaltsevitch
Vassili Mikhaltsevitch
Senior Research Fellow, Curtin University
E-mail megerősítve itt: curtin.edu.au
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A laboratory study of low-frequency wave dispersion and attenuation in water-saturated sandstones
V Mikhaltsevitch, M Lebedev, B Gurevich
The Leading Edge 33 (6), 616-622, 2014
Experimental estimation of velocities and anisotropy of a series of Swedish crystalline rocks and ores
A Malehmir, M Andersson, M Lebedev, M Urosevic, V Mikhaltsevitch
Geophysical prospecting 61 (1), 153-167, 2013
The use of multi-pulse nuclear quadrupole resonance techniques for the detection of explosives containing RDX
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An experimental study of solid matrix weakening in water‐saturated Savonnières limestone
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An experimental study of acoustic responses on the injection of supercritical CO 2 into sandstones from the Otway Basin
M Lebedev, M Pervukhina, V Mikhaltsevitch, T Dance, O Bilenko, ...
Geophysics 78 (4), D293-D306, 2013
Laboratory measurements of the effect of fluid saturation on elastic properties of carbonates at seismic frequencies
V Mikhaltsevitch, M Lebedev, B Gurevich
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Measurements of the elastic and anelastic properties of sandstone flooded with supercritical CO2
V Mikhaltsevitch, M Lebedev, B Gurevich
Geophysical Prospecting 62 (6), 1266-1277, 2014
A low-frequency laboratory apparatus for measuring elastic and anelastic properties of rocks
V Mikhaltsevitch, M Lebedev, B Gurevich
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Validation of the laboratory measurements at seismic frequencies using the Kramers‐Kronig relationship
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On the NQR detection of nitrogenated substances by multi‐pulse sequences
VT Mikhaltsevitch, TN Rudakov
physica status solidi (b) 241 (2), 411-419, 2004
Facies-based rock properties distribution along the Harvey 1 stratigraphic well
C Delle Piane, NE Timms, A Saeedi, MR Rezaee, V Mikhaltsevitch, ...
Residual trapping of supercritical CO2: direct pore-scale observation using a low cost pressure cell for micro computer tomography
M Lebedev, Y Zhang, V Mikhaltsevitch, S Inglauer, T Rahman
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Q-factor switching method and apparatus for detecting nuclear quadrupole and nuclear magnetic resonance signals
TN Rudakov, VT Mikhaltsevitch, WP Chisholm, JH Flexman, PA Hayes
US Patent 7,109,714, 2006
A laboratory study of the elastic and anelastic properties of the sandstone flooded with supercritical CO2 at seismic frequencies
V Mikhaltsevitch, M Lebedev, B Gurevich
Energy Procedia 63, 4289-4296, 2014
Transmit-receive coil system for nuclear quadrupole resonance signal detection in substances and components thereof
J Flexman, W Chisholm, T Rudakov, V Mikhaltsevitch, P Hayes
US Patent App. 10/985,001, 2005
Nuclear quadrupole resonance measurements
WP Chisholm, PA Hayes, JH Flexman, VT Mikhaltsevitch, TN Rudakov
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Effect of asperities on stress dependency of elastic properties of cracked rocks
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Modified steady-state free precession pulse sequences for the detection of pure nuclear quadrupole resonance
TN Rudakov, VT Mikhaltsevitch, JH Flexman
Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 25 (1-3), 94-98, 2004
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