Shervan Gharari
Shervan Gharari
postdoctoral fellow
E-mail megerősítve itt: usask.ca - Kezdőlap
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Twenty-three unsolved problems in hydrology (UPH)–a community perspective
G Blöschl, MFP Bierkens, A Chambel, C Cudennec, G Destouni, A Fiori, ...
Hydrological sciences journal 64 (10), 1141-1158, 2019
Process consistency in models: The importance of system signatures, expert knowledge, and process complexity
M Hrachowitz, O Fovet, L Ruiz, T Euser, S Gharari, R Nijzink, J Freer, ...
Water resources research 50 (9), 7445-7469, 2014
Hydrological landscape classification: investigating the performance of HAND based landscape classifications in a central European meso-scale catchment
S Gharari, M Hrachowitz, F Fenicia, HHG Savenije
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 15 (11), 3275-3291, 2011
Testing the realism of a topography-driven model (FLEX-Topo) in the nested catchments of the Upper Heihe, China
H Gao, M Hrachowitz, F Fenicia, S Gharari, HHG Savenije
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 18 (5), 1895-1915, 2014
Using expert knowledge to increase realism in environmental system models can dramatically reduce the need for calibration
S Gharari, M Hrachowitz, F Fenicia, H Gao, HHG Savenije
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 18 (12), 4839-4859, 2014
An approach to identify time consistent model parameters: sub-period calibration
S Gharari, M Hrachowitz, F Fenicia, HHG Savenije
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 17 (1), 149-161, 2013
The abuse of popular performance metrics in hydrologic modeling
MP Clark, RM Vogel, JR Lamontagne, N Mizukami, WJM Knoben, G Tang, ...
Water Resources Research 57 (9), e2020WR029001, 2021
A constraint-based search algorithm for parameter identification of environmental models
S Gharari, M Shafiei, M Hrachowitz, R Kumar, F Fenicia, HV Gupta, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 18 (12), 4861-4870, 2014
Assessment of rain-gauge networks using a probabilistic GIS based approach
M Shafiei, B Ghahraman, B Saghafian, S Pande, S Gharari, K Davary
Hydrology Research 45 (4-5), 551-562, 2014
A review and synthesis of hysteresis in hydrology and hydrological modeling: Memory, path-dependency, or missing physics?
S Gharari, S Razavi
Journal of Hydrology 566, 500-519, 2018
Accounting for the influence of vegetation and landscape improves model transferability in a tropical savannah region
H Gao, M Hrachowitz, N Sriwongsitanon, F Fenicia, S Gharari, ...
Water Resources Research 52 (10), 7999-8022, 2016
Flexible vector-based spatial configurations in land models
S Gharari, MP Clark, N Mizukami, WJM Knoben, JS Wong, A Pietroniro
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 24 (12), 5953-5971, 2020
Understanding the information content in the hierarchy of model development decisions: Learning from data
S Gharari, HV Gupta, MP Clark, M Hrachowitz, F Fenicia, P Matgen, ...
Water Resources Research 57 (6), e2020WR027948, 2021
VISCOUS: A Variance‐Based Sensitivity Analysis Using Copulas for Efficient Identification of Dominant Hydrological Processes
R Sheikholeslami, S Gharari, SM Papalexiou, MP Clark
Water Resources Research 57 (7), e2020WR028435, 2021
Improving the representation of subsurface water movement in land models
S Gharari, MP Clark, N Mizukami, JS Wong, A Pietroniro, HS Wheater
Journal of Hydrometeorology 20 (12), 2401-2418, 2019
A Vector‐Based River Routing Model for Earth System Models: Parallelization and Global Applications
N Mizukami, MP Clark, S Gharari, E Kluzek, M Pan, P Lin, HE Beck, ...
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 13 (6), e2020MS002434, 2021
Urban morphology detection and it's linking with land surface temperature: A case study for Tehran Metropolis, Iran
S Khoshnoodmotlagh, A Daneshi, S Gharari, J Verrelst, M Mirzaei, ...
Sustainable cities and society 74, 103228, 2021
Evaluating a reservoir parametrization in the vector-based global routing model mizuRoute (v2. 0.1) for Earth system model coupling
I Vanderkelen, S Gharari, N Mizukami, MP Clark, DM Lawrence, ...
Geoscientific Model Development 15 (10), 4163-4192, 2022
Community Workflows to Advance Reproducibility in Hydrologic Modeling: Separating Model‐Agnostic and Model‐Specific Configuration Steps in Applications of Large‐Domain …
WJM Knoben, MP Clark, J Bales, A Bennett, S Gharari, CB Marsh, ...
Water Resources Research 58 (11), e2021WR031753, 2022
Assessing water balance closure using multiple data assimilation–and remote sensing–based datasets for canada
JS Wong, X Zhang, S Gharari, RR Shrestha, HS Wheater, JS Famiglietti
Journal of Hydrometeorology 22 (6), 1569-1589, 2021
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