Zarand Gergely
Zarand Gergely
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Correlations after Quantum Quenches in the Spin Chain: Failure of the Generalized Gibbs Ensemble
B Pozsgay, M Mestyán, MA Werner, M Kormos, G Zaránd, G Takács
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Color superfluidity and “baryon” formation in ultracold fermions
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SU (4) Fermi liquid state and spin filtering in a double quantum dot system
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: A Frustrated Ferromagnet
G Zaránd, B Jankó
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Imaging the electronic Wigner crystal in one dimension
I Shapir, A Hamo, S Pecker, CP Moca, Ö Legeza, G Zarand, S Ilani
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Density matrix numerical renormalization group for non-Abelian symmetries
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P Mehta, N Andrei, P Coleman, L Borda, G Zarand
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Self-organized criticality in the hysteresis of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model
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Trionic phase of ultracold fermions in an optical lattice: A variational study
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Singlet–triplet transition in lateral quantum dots: a numerical renormalization group study
W Hofstetter, G Zarand
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Loschmidt Echo and the Many-Body Orthogonality Catastrophe<? format?> in a Qubit-Coupled Luttinger Liquid
B Dóra, F Pollmann, J Fortágh, G Zaránd
Physical Review Letters 111 (4), 046402, 2013
Crossover from adiabatic to sudden interaction quench in a Luttinger liquid
B Dóra, M Haque, G Zaránd
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Solution of the multichannel Coqblin-Schrieffer impurity model and application to multilevel systems
A Jerez, N Andrei, G Zaránd
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Thermodynamics of the dissipative two-state system: A Bethe-ansatz study
TA Costi, G Zarand
Physical Review B 59 (19), 12398, 1999
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