László Dobos
László Dobos
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Photometric redshifts for the SDSS Data Release 12
R Beck, L Dobos, T Budavári, AS Szalay, I Csabai
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 460 (2), 1371-1381, 2016
Multidimensional indexing tools for the virtual observatory
I Csabai, L Dobos, M Trencséni, G Herczegh, P Józsa, N Purger, ...
Astronomische Nachrichten: Astronomical Notes 328 (8), 852-857, 2007
Concordance cosmology without dark energy
G Rácz, L Dobos, R Beck, I Szapudi, I Csabai
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters 469 (1), L1-L5, 2017
Reliable eigenspectra for new generation surveys
T Budavári, V Wild, AS Szalay, L Dobos, CW Yip
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 394 (3), 1496-1502, 2009
A high-resolution atlas of composite Sloan Digital Sky Survey galaxy spectra
L Dobos, I Csabai, CW Yip, T Budavári, V Wild, AS Szalay
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 420 (2), 1217-1238, 2012
Extinction in Star-forming Disk Galaxies from Inclination-dependent Composite Spectra
CW Yip, AS Szalay, RFG Wyse, L Dobos, T Budavári, I Csabai
The Astrophysical Journal 709 (2), 780, 2010
Building a prototype for network measurement virtual observatory
P Matray, I Csabai, P Haga, J Steger, L Dobos, G Vattay
Proceedings of the 3rd annual ACM workshop on Mining network data, 23-28, 2007
Objective identification of informative wavelength regions in galaxy spectra
CW Yip, MW Mahoney, AS Szalay, I Csabai, T Budavári, RFG Wyse, ...
The Astronomical Journal 147 (5), 110, 2014
Array requirements for scientific applications and an implementation for microsoft sql server
L Dobos, A Szalay, J Blakeley, T Budavári, I Csabai, D Tomic, ...
Proceedings of the EDBT/ICDT 2011 Workshop on Array Databases, 13-19, 2011
Searching for electromagnetic counterpart of LIGO gravitational waves in the Fermi GBM data with ADWO
Z Bagoly, D Szécsi, LG Balázs, I Csabai, I Horváth, L Dobos, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 593, L10, 2016
A multi-terabyte relational database for geo-tagged social network data
L Dobos, J Szüle, T Bodnár, T Hanyecz, T Sebők, D Kondor, Z Kallus, ...
2013 IEEE 4th International Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications …, 2013
Probing spectroscopic variability of galaxies and narrow-line active galactic nuclei in the Sloan digital sky survey
CW Yip, AJ Connolly, DEV Berk, R Scranton, S Krughoff, AS Szalay, ...
The Astronomical Journal 137 (6), 5120, 2009
Skyquery: Federating astronomy archives
T Budavári, L Dobos, AS Szalay
Computing in Science & Engineering 15 (3), 12-20, 2013
Footprint services for everyone
T Budavári, L Dobos, AS Szalay, G Greene, J Gray, AH Rots
Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI 376, 559, 2007
Using Robust PCA to estimate regional characteristics of language use from geo-tagged Twitter messages
D Kondor, I Csabai, L Dobos, J Szüle, N Barankai, T Hanyecz, T Sebők, ...
2013 IEEE 4th International Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications …, 2013
Race, religion and the city: twitter word frequency patterns reveal dominant demographic dimensions in the United States
E Bokányi, D Kondor, L Dobos, T Sebők, J Stéger, I Csabai, G Vattay
Palgrave Communications 2 (1), 1-9, 2016
Lost in the City: Revisiting Milgram's Experiment in the Age of Social Networks
J Szüle, D Kondor, L Dobos, I Csabai, G Vattay
PloS one 9 (11), e111973, 2014
The Virtual Observatory in Action: New Science, New Technology, and Next Generation Facilities
SJ Wolk, BD Spitzbart
26th meeting of the IAU, Special Session 3, 17-18, 2006
Order statistics of the early-type galaxy luminosity function
L Dobos, I Csabai
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 414 (3), 1862-1874, 2011
Quantifying correlations between galaxy emission lines and stellar continua
R Beck, L Dobos, CW Yip, AS Szalay, I Csabai
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 457 (1), 362-374, 2016
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