Antoine Thiboult
Antoine Thiboult
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Accounting for three sources of uncertainty in ensemble hydrological forecasting
A Thiboult, F Anctil, MA Boucher
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 20 (5), 1809-1825, 2016
On the difficulty to optimally implement the Ensemble Kalman filter: An experiment based on many hydrological models and catchments
A Thiboult, F Anctil
Journal of Hydrology 529, 1147-1160, 2015
How does the quantification of uncertainties affect the quality and value of flood early warning systems?
A Thiboult, F Anctil, MH Ramos
Journal of hydrology 551, 365-373, 2017
Assessment of a multimodel ensemble against an operational hydrological forecasting system
A Thiboult, F Anctil
Canadian Water Resources Journal/Revue canadienne des ressources hydriques …, 2015
Efficient treatment of climate data uncertainty in ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) based on an existing historical climate ensemble dataset
H Liu, A Thiboult, B Tolson, F Anctil, J Mai
Journal of Hydrology 568, 985-996, 2019
Evaporation from boreal reservoirs: A comparison between eddy covariance observations and estimates relying on limited data
J Fournier, A Thiboult, DF Nadeau, N Vercauteren, F Anctil, AC Parent, ...
Hydrological Processes 35 (8), e14335, 2021
Estimating sensible and latent heat fluxes over an inland water body using optical and microwave scintillometers
A Pierre, PE Isabelle, DF Nadeau, A Thiboult, A Perelet, AN Rousseau, ...
Boundary-Layer Meteorology 185 (2), 277-308, 2022
A stable foraging polymorphism buffers Galapagos sea lions against environmental change
JFL Schwarz, EJ DeRango, F Zenth, S Kalberer, JI Hoffman, S Mews, ...
Current Biology 32 (7), 1623-1628. e3, 2022
The HOOPLA toolbox: a HydrOlOgical Prediction LAboratory to explore ensemble rainfall-runoff modeling
A Thiboult, G Seiller, C Poncelet, F Anctil
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions, 1-18, 2020
Toward coherent accounting of uncertainty in hydrometeorological modeling
A Thiboult
Université Laval, 2015
Modeling heat and water exchanges between the atmosphere and an 85-km 2 dimictic subarctic reservoir using the 1D Canadian Small Lake Model
H Kallel, A Thiboult, MD Mackay, DF Nadeau, F Anctil
Journal of Hydrometeorology, 2023
Characteristic Time Scales of Reservoir Evaporation in a Subarctic Climate
A Pierre, D Nadeau, A Thiboult, AN Rousseau, A Tremblay, P Isabelle, ...
Evaporation losses from boreal reservoirs: A comparison between eddy covariance measurements and estimation methods relying on limited data
J Fournier, D Nadeau, N Vercauteren, F Anctil, A Thiboult, AC Parent, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2018, H11S-1711, 2018
Towards real-time active imaging of greenhouse gases using tunable mid-infrared all-fiber lasers
LC Michaud, T Boilard, S Magnan-Saucier, P Paradis, L Talbot, A Thiboult, ...
Applied Optics 62 (23), G69-G76, 2023
An Analysis of the Thermal Regime and Energy Balance of a Subarctic Hydroelectric Reservoir Using Direct Measurements of Surface and Lateral Exchanges
A Pierre, D Nadeau, A Thiboult, AN Rousseau, F Anctil, C Deblois, ...
Characteristic time scales of evaporation from a subarctic reservoir
A Pierre, DF Nadeau, A Thiboult, AN Rousseau, A Tremblay, PE Isabelle, ...
Hydrological Processes 37 (3), e14842, 2023
A New Modeling Approach of Snow Interception and Unloading to Better Simulate the Subcanopy Snowpack
B Bouchard, A Michel, M Lehning, A Thiboult, D Nadeau
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2022, C15C-0592, 2022
Interactions between inland water bodies and the atmosphere in a cold climate
D Nadeau, A Thiboult, A Pierre, H Kallel, M MacKay, PE Isabelle, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2022, A45E-03, 2022
Producing reliable hydrologic scenarios from raw climate model outputs without resorting to meteorological observations
S Ricard, P Lucas-Picher, A Thiboult, F Anctil
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions, 1-34, 2022
Validation of a 1-D lake model for modeling evaporation from an elongated and deep boreal reservoir
H Kallel, M Mackay, A Thiboult, D Nadeau, F Anctil
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU22-10778, 2022
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