Peter Bergmann
Peter Bergmann
Research associate, GFZ Potsdam
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Hivatkozott rá
Surface-downhole electrical resistivity tomography applied to monitoring of CO2 storage at Ketzin, Germany
P Bergmann, C Schmidt-Hattenberger, D Kiessling, C Rücker, T Labitzke, ...
Geophysics 77 (6), B253-B267, 2012
Geophysical monitoring at the Ketzin pilot site for CO2 storage: New insights into the plume evolution
M Ivandic, C Juhlin, S Lueth, P Bergmann, A Kashubin, D Sopher, ...
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 32, 90-105, 2015
Application of a Vertical Electrical Resistivity Array (VERA) for monitoring CO2 migration at the Ketzin site: First performance evaluation
C Schmidt-Hattenberger, P Bergmann, D Kießling, K Krüger, C Rücker, ...
Energy Procedia 4, 3363-3370, 2011
Time-lapse seismic surface and down-hole measurements for monitoring CO2 storage in the CO2SINK project (Ketzin, Germany)
S Lüth, P Bergmann, C Cosma, N Enescu, R Giese, J Götz, A Ivanova, ...
Energy Procedia 4, 3435-3442, 2011
Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) for Monitoring of CO2 Migration-from Tool Development to Reservoir Surveillance at the Ketzin Pilot Site
C Schmidt-Hattenberger, P Bergmann, D Bösing, T Labitzke, M Möller, ...
Energy Procedia 37, 4268-4275, 2013
Review on geophysical monitoring of CO2 injection at Ketzin, Germany
P Bergmann, M Diersch, J Goetz, M Ivandic, A Ivanova, C Juhlin, ...
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 139, 112-136, 2016
Disposable flat panel airlift photobioreactors
P Bergmann, P Ripplinger, L Beyer, W Trösch
Chemie Ingenieur Technik 85 (1‐2), 202-205, 2013
Time-lapse processing of 2D seismic profiles with testing of static correction methods at the CO2 injection site Ketzin (Germany)
P Bergmann, C Yang, S Lüth, C Juhlin, C Cosma
Journal of Applied Geophysics 75 (1), 124-139, 2011
Combination of seismic reflection and constrained resistivity inversion with an application to 4D imaging of the storage site, Ketzin, Germany
P Bergmann, M Ivandic, B Norden, C Rücker, D Kiessling, S Lüth, ...
Geophysics 79 (2), B37-B50, 2014
A Modular Geoelectrical Monitoring System as Part of the Surveillance Concept in CO2 Storage Projects
C Schmidt-Hattenberger, P Bergmann, T Labitzke, S Schröder, K Krüger, ...
Energy Procedia 23, 400-407, 2012
Fluid injection monitoring using electrical resistivity tomography—five years of CO2 injection at Ketzin, Germany
P Bergmann, C Schmidt‐Hattenberger, T Labitzke, FM Wagner, A Just, ...
Geophysical Prospecting 65 (3), 859-875, 2017
Permanent crosshole electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) as an established method for the long-term CO2 monitoring at the Ketzin pilot site
C Schmidt-Hattenberger, P Bergmann, T Labitzke, F Wagner, D Rippe
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 52, 432-448, 2016
Modelling the geoelectric and seismic reservoir response caused by carbon dioxide injection based on multiphase flow simulation: Results from the CO2SINK project
P Bergmann, U Lengler, C Schmidt-Hattenberger, R Giese, B Norden
Chemie der Erde-Geochemistry 70, 173-183, 2010
Repeated fed-batch cultivation of Thermosynechococcus elongatus BP-1 in flat-panel airlift photobioreactors with static mixers for improved light utilization: Influence of …
P Bergmann, W Trösch
Algal Research 17, 79-86, 2016
Impact and mitigation of borehole related effects in permanent crosshole resistivity imaging: An example from the Ketzin CO2 storage site
FM Wagner, P Bergmann, C Rücker, B Wiese, T Labitzke, ...
Journal of Applied Geophysics 123, 102-111, 2015
Impact of temperature on CO2 storage at the Ketzin site based on fluid flow simulations and seismic data
A Ivanova, C Juhlin, U Lengler, P Bergmann, S Lüth, T Kempka
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 2013
The first post‐injection seismic monitor survey at the Ketzin pilot CO2 storage site: results from time‐lapse analysis
F Huang, P Bergmann, C Juhlin, M Ivandic, S Lüth, A Ivanova, T Kempka, ...
Geophysical Prospecting 66 (1), 62-84, 2018
Growth of Cyanobacterium aponinum influenced by increasing salt concentrations and temperature
D Winckelmann, F Bleeke, P Bergmann, G Klöck
3 Biotech 5 (3), 253-260, 2015
CO2 migration monitoring by means of electrical resistivity tomography (ERT)–Review on five years of operation of a permanent ERT system at the Ketzin pilot site
C Schmidt-Hattenberger, P Bergmann, T Labitzke, F Wagner
Energy Procedia 63, 4366-4373, 2014
Volumetric bounds on subsurface fluid substitution using 4D seismic time shifts with an application at Sleipner, North Sea
P Bergmann, A Chadwick
Geophysics 80 (5), B153-B165, 2015
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