Mohammad Ebadollahi
Mohammad Ebadollahi
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (Energy Systems Engineering) KNTU
E-mail megerősítve itt: email.kntu.ac.ir
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Comparative study of two novel micro-CCHP systems based on organic Rankine cycle and Kalina cycle
H Rostamzadeh, M Ebadollahi, H Ghaebi, A Shokri
Energy conversion and management 183, 210-229, 2019
Proposal and assessment of a new geothermal-based multigeneration system for cooling, heating, power, and hydrogen production, using LNG cold energy recovery
M Ebadollahi, H Rostamzadeh, MZ Pedram, H Ghaebi, M Amidpour
Renewable Energy 135, 66-87, 2019
Energy and exergy analysis of novel combined cooling and power (CCP) cycles
H Rostamzadeh, M Ebadollahi, H Ghaebi, M Amidpour, R Kheiri
Applied Thermal Engineering 124, 152-169, 2017
Design and evaluation of a solar-based trigeneration system for a nearly zero energy greenhouse in arid region
M Mohsenipour, M Ebadollahi, H Rostamzadeh, M Amidpour
Journal of cleaner production 254, 119990, 2020
Proposal and multi-criteria optimization of two new combined heating and power systems for the Sabalan geothermal source
M Ebadollahi, H Rostamzadeh, MZ Pedram, H Ghaebi, M Amidpour
Journal of cleaner production 229, 1065-1081, 2019
Exergoeconomic analysis and optimization of innovative cascade bi-evaporator electricity/cooling cycles with two adjustable cooling temperatures
M Ebadollahi, H Rostamzadeh, H Ghaebi, M Amidpour
Applied Thermal Engineering 152, 890-906, 2019
Exergoeconomic optimisation of basic and regenerative triple-evaporator combined power and refrigeration cycles
H Rostamzadeh, K Mostoufi, M Ebadollahi, H Ghaebi, M Amidpour
International Journal of Exergy 26 (1-2), 186-225, 2018
Thermodynamic modeling and performance analysis of four new integrated organic Rankine cycles (A comparative study)
R Kheiri, H Ghaebi, M Ebadollahi, H Rostamzadeh
Applied Thermal Engineering 122, 103-117, 2017
The greenhouse technology in different climate conditions: A comprehensive energy-saving analysis
H Nasrollahi, F Ahmadi, M Ebadollahi, SN Nobar, M Amidpour
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 47, 101455, 2021
Thermal and exergetic performance enhancement of basic dual-loop combined cooling and power cycle driven by solar energy
M Ebadollahi, H Rostamzadeh, P Seyedmatin, H Ghaebi, M Amidpour
Thermal Science and Engineering Progress 18, 100556, 2020
Exergoeconomic analysis of a novel hybrid system by integrating the kalina and heat pump cycles with a nitrogen closed brayton system
A Pirmohamadi, H Ghaebi, BM Ziapour, M Ebadollahi
Energy Reports 7, 546-564, 2021
Magnetic-induced nanoparticles and rotary tubes for energetic and exergetic performance improvement of compact heat exchangers
M Bezaatpour, H Rostamzadeh, J Bezaatpour, M Ebadollahi
Powder technology 377, 396-414, 2021
Inherently safety design of a dual-loop bi-evaporator combined cooling and power system: 4E and safety based optimization approach
M Ebadollahi, H Rostamzadeh, O Pourali, H Ghaebi, M Amidpour
Process Safety and Environmental Protection 154, 393-409, 2021
Performance analyses of a waste-to-energy multigeneration system incorporated with thermoelectric generators
AF Sotoodeh, F Ahmadi, Z Ghaffarpour, M Ebadollahi, H Nasrollahi, ...
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 49, 101649, 2022
Advanced exergy assessment of a solar absorption power cycle
Y Cao, F Rostamian, M Ebadollahi, M Bezaatpour, H Ghaebi
Renewable Energy 183, 561-574, 2022
Flexibility concept in design of advanced multi-energy carrier systems driven by biogas fuel for sustainable development
M Ebadollahi, M Amidpour, O Pourali, H Ghaebi
Sustainable Cities and Society 86, 104121, 2022
Close supercritical versus inverse Brayton cycles for power supply, using waste of a biogas-driven open Brayton cycle
M Ebadollahi, H Rostamzadeh, O Pourali, H Ghaebi, M Amidpour
Journal of Energy Resources Technology 143 (9), 092102, 2021
Microporous foam, magnetic nanoparticles, and revolutionary tubes: Sophisticated combination of three solar energy materials in flat plate solar collectors
Y Cao, S Hamidvand, M Bezaatpour, M Ebadollahi, H Ghaebi
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 235, 111464, 2022
Investigation of a geothermal-based CCHP system from energetic, water usage and CO2 emission viewpoints
M Mohsenipour, F Ahmadi, A Mohammadi, M Ebadollahi, M Amidpour
Gas Processing Journal 7 (1), 41-52, 2019
Energy and exergy analysis of a geothermal-based multi-generation system
M Ebadollahi, P Seyedmati, H Rostamzadeh, H Ghaebi, M Amidpour
Integration of Clean and Sustainable Energy Resources and Storage in Multi …, 2020
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