Nesa Dibagar
Nesa Dibagar
Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences
E-mail megerősítve itt: basu.ac.ir
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Drying characteristics of zucchini slices under periodic infrared-microwave vacuum conditions
RA Chayjan, N Dibagar, B Alaei
Heat and Mass Transfer 53, 3473-3485, 2017
Optimization of pistachio nut drying in a fluidized bed dryer with microwave pretreatment applying response surface methodology
R Amiri Chayjan, M Kaveh, N Dibagar, M Zarrin Nejad
Chemical Product and Process Modeling 12 (3), 20160048, 2017
Accelerated convective drying of sunflower seeds by high-power ultrasound: Experimental assessment and optimization approach
N Dibagar, SJ Kowalski, RA Chayjan, A Figiel
Food and Bioproducts Processing 123, 42-59, 2020
The effect of short and medium infrared radiation on some drying and quality characteristics of quince slices under vacuum condition
B Alaei, N Dibagar, RA Chayjan, M Kaveh, E Taghinezhad
Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods 10 (4), 371-381, 2018
Rough rice convective drying enhancement by intervention of airborne ultrasound–A response surface strategy for experimental design and optimization
N Dibagar, R Amiri Chayjan
Drying Technology 37 (9), 1097-1112, 2019
Deep bed rough rice air-drying assisted with airborne ultrasound set at 21 kHz frequency: A physicochemical investigation and optimization
N Dibagar, RA Chayjan, SJ Kowalski, SH Peyman
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 53, 25-43, 2019
Second Hankel determinant for a subclass of analytic bi-univalent functions defined by subordination
A Motamednezhad, T Bulboaca, EA ADEGANI, N Dibagar
Turkish Journal of Mathematics 42 (5), 2798-2808, 2018
Modelling some engineering properties of walnut kernel undergoing different drying methods with microwave pre-treatment
M Jafarifar, RA Chayjan, N Dibagar, B Alaei
Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods 9 (4), 463-478, 2017
Cold plasma pretreatment prior to ultrasound-assisted air drying of cumin seeds
M Namjoo, M Moradi, N Dibagar, M Niakousari
Food and Bioprocess Technology 15 (9), 2065-2083, 2022
A modeling strategy for hot drying of rough rice assisted by ultrasonic wave
N Dibagar, RA Chayjan, A Figiel, A Ghasemi
Food and Bioproducts Processing 132, 114-129, 2022
Water absorption of black chickpea using a finite difference method
N Dibagar, SJ Kowalski, RA Chayjan
Chemical and Process Engineering, 327–341-327–341, 2019
Effect of green technologies of cold plasma and airborne ultrasound wave on the germination and growth indices of cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) seeds
M Namjoo, M Moradi, N Dibagar, M Taghvaei, M Niakousari
Journal of Food Process Engineering, e14166, 2022
Influence of Drying Techniques on the Physicochemical and Mechanical Characterization of Scallion (Allium Schoneprasum) Leaves
E Ahmadi, N Dibagar
International Journal of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering 3 (3), 68-77, 2018
تحلیل اجزاء محدود برهمکنش چرخ محرک-خاک برای برآورد توزیع تنش عمودی خاک
مردانی, عارف, دیباگر, نسا, مدرس مطلق, اسعد
مهندسی زراعی 39 (1), 113-125, 2016
Validation of the finite element simulation to estimate the rolling resistance of a non-driving wheel with experimental tests
N Dibagar, A Mardani, AM Motlagh, H Jafari
Journal of Agricultural Machinery, 2015
Soil bin validation of the finite element simulation of soil- driven tire interaction for estimating the vertical stress in soil
N Dibagar, A Mardani, A Modarres, Jafari, Hojjat
Journal of Agricultural Machinery 5 (2), 415-427, 2015
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