Qiang Zhao
Qiang Zhao
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
SPHORB: A fast and robust binary feature on the sphere
Q Zhao, W Feng, L Wan, J Zhang
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Dense scale network for crowd counting
F Dai, H Liu, Y Ma, X Zhang, Q Zhao
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Distortion-aware CNNs for Spherical Images.
Q Zhao, C Zhu, F Dai, Y Ma, G Jin, Y Zhang
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Cube2video: Navigate between cubic panoramas in real-time
Q Zhao, L Wan, W Feng, J Zhang, TT Wong
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Image stitching via deep homography estimation
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Spherical superpixel segmentation
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Saliency Prediction Network for 360° Videos
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Bipartite Matching for Crowd Counting with Point Supervision
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Change detection with absolute difference of multiscale deep features
R Huang, M Zhou, Q Zhao, Y Zou
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Near-infrared image guided neural networks for color image denoising
X Wang, F Dai, Y Ma, J Guo, Q Zhao, Y Zhang
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Pandora: A panoramic detection dataset for object with orientation
H Xu, Q Zhao, Y Ma, X Li, P Yuan, B Feng, C Yan, F Dai
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Freely explore the scene with 360 field of view
F Dai, C Zhu, Y Ma, J Cao, Q Zhao, Y Zhang
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Panoramic Light Field From Hand-Held Video and Its Sampling for Real-Time Rendering
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Spherical superpixels: benchmark and evaluation
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Panoramic light field video acquisition
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Gaussian Label Distribution Learning for Spherical Image Object Detection
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Dilated convolutional neural networks for panoramic image saliency prediction
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Wide Range Depth Estimation from Binocular Light Field Camera
F Dai, X Chen, Y Ma, G Jin, Q Zhao
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Non-uniform Compressive Sensing Imaging Based on Image Saliency
H Li, F Dai, Q Zhao, Y Ma, J Cao, Y Zhang
Chinese Journal of Electronics 32 (1), 159-165, 2023
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