Ewan Blanch
Ewan Blanch
E-mail megerősítve itt: rmit.edu.au
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Lactoferrin: Structure, function, denaturation and digestion
B Wang, YP Timilsena, E Blanch, B Adhikari
Critical reviews in food science and nutrition 59 (4), 580-596, 2019
A Raman optical activity study of rheomorphism in caseins, synucleins and tau: New insight into the structure and behaviour of natively unfolded proteins
CD Syme, EW Blanch, C Holt, R Jakes, M Goedert, L Hecht, LD Barron
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Solution structure and dynamics of biomolecules from Raman optical activity
LD Barron, L Hecht, EW Blanch, AF Bell
Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology 73 (1), 1-49, 2000
Is polyproline II helix the killer conformation? A Raman optical activity study of the amyloidogenic prefibrillar intermediate of human lysozyme
EW Blanch, LA Morozova-Roche, DAE Cochran, AJ Doig, L Hecht, ...
Journal of Molecular Biology 301 (2), 553-563, 2000
Raman optical activity comes of age
LD Barron*, L Hecht, IH McColl, EW Blanch
Molecular Physics 102 (8), 731-744, 2004
A New Perspective on β-Sheet Structures Using Vibrational Raman Optical Activity:  From Poly(l-lysine) to the Prion Protein
IH McColl, EW Blanch, AC Gill, AGO Rhie, MA Ritchie, L Hecht, K Nielsen, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (33), 10019-10026, 2003
Recent advances in the use of vibrational chiroptical spectroscopic methods for stereochemical characterization of natural products
JM Batista Jr, EW Blanch, V da Silva Bolzani
Natural Product Reports 32 (9), 1280-1302, 2015
Vibrational Raman optical activity characterization of poly (L-proline) II helix in alanine oligopeptides
IH McColl, EW Blanch, L Hecht, NR Kallenbach, LD Barron
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Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy in environmental analysis, monitoring and assessment
TTX Ong, EW Blanch, OAH Jones
Science of The Total Environment 720, 137601, 2020
Unfolded proteins studied by Raman optical activity
LD Barron, EW Blanch, L Hecht
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A study of α-helix hydration in polypeptides, proteins, and viruses using vibrational Raman optical activity
IH McColl, EW Blanch, L Hecht, LD Barron
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EW Blanch, L Hecht, LD Barron
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Calculation of Raman Optical Activity Spectra of Methyl-β-d-Glucose Incorporating a Full Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Hydration Effects
JR Cheeseman, MS Shaik, PLA Popelier, EW Blanch
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (13), 4991-4997, 2011
Surface enhanced Raman optical activity (SEROA)
S Abdali, EW Blanch
Chemical Society Reviews 37 (5), 980-992, 2008
Effects and anomalies that can occur in SERS spectra of biological molecules when using a wide range of aggregating agents for hydroxylamine-reduced and citrate-reduced silver …
NR Yaffe, EW Blanch
Vibrational Spectroscopy 48 (2), 196-201, 2008
Molecular structures of viruses from Raman optical activity
EW Blanch, L Hecht, CD Syme, V Volpetti, GP Lomonossoff, K Nielsen, ...
Journal of general virology 83 (10), 2593-2600, 2002
Through-space transfer of chiral information mediated by a plasmonic nanomaterial
S Ostovar Pour, L Rocks, K Faulds, D Graham, V Parchaňský, P Bouř, ...
Nature chemistry 7 (7), 591-596, 2015
Shear-induced unfolding of lysozyme monitored in situ
L Ashton, J Dusting, E Imomoh, S Balabani, EW Blanch
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Raman optical activity demonstrates poly (L-proline) II helix in the N-terminal region of the ovine prion protein: implications for function and misfunction
EW Blanch, AC Gill, AGO Rhie, J Hope, L Hecht, K Nielsen, LD Barron
Journal of molecular biology 343 (2), 467-476, 2004
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