Babak Haghpanah
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Multistable shape‐reconfigurable architected materials
B Haghpanah, L Salari‐Sharif, P Pourrajab, J Hopkins, L Valdevit
Advanced Materials 28 (36), 7915-7920, 2016
Hierarchical honeycombs with tailorable properties
A Ajdari, BH Jahromi, J Papadopoulos, H Nayeb-Hashemi, A Vaziri
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Mechanical properties of open-cell rhombic dodecahedron cellular structures
S Babaee, BH Jahromi, A Ajdari, H Nayeb-Hashemi, A Vaziri
Acta Materialia 60 (6-7), 2873-2885, 2012
Elastic properties of chiral, anti-chiral, and hierarchical honeycombs: A simple energy-based approach
D Mousanezhad, B Haghpanah, R Ghosh, AM Hamouda, ...
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters 6 (2), 81-96, 2016
Optimal fractal-like hierarchical honeycombs
R Oftadeh, B Haghpanah, D Vella, A Boudaoud, A Vaziri
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Buckling of regular, chiral and hierarchical honeycombs under a general macroscopic stress state
B Haghpanah, J Papadopoulos, D Mousanezhad, H Nayeb-Hashemi, ...
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Mechanics of anisotropic hierarchical honeycombs
R Oftadeh, B Haghpanah, J Papadopoulos, AMS Hamouda, ...
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Effect of different regenerative braking strategies on braking performance and fuel economy in a hybrid electric bus employing CRUISE vehicle simulation
F Sangtarash, V Esfahanian, H Nehzati, S Haddadi, MA Bavanpour, ...
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D Mousanezhad, H Ebrahimi, B Haghpanah, R Ghosh, A Ajdari, ...
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Self-similar hierarchical honeycombs
B Haghpanah, R Oftadeh, J Papadopoulos, A Vaziri
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Elasto-plastic stresses in a functionally graded rotating disk
BH Jahromi, H Nayeb-Hashemi, A Vaziri
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Elastic architected materials with extreme damping capacity
B Haghpanah, A Shirazi, L Salari-Sharif, AG Izard, L Valdevit
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Adhesively bonded lap joints with extreme interface geometry
B Haghpanah, S Chiu, A Vaziri
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BH Jahromi, GH Farrahi, M Maleki, H Nayeb-Hashemi, A Vaziri
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Programmable elastic metamaterials
B Haghpanah, H Ebrahimi, D Mousanezhad, J Hopkins, A Vaziri
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Autofrettage of layered and functionally graded metal–ceramic composite vessels
BH Jahromi, A Ajdari, H Nayeb-Hashemi, A Vaziri
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Instability of cylindrical shells with single and multiple cracks under axial compression
BH Jahromi, A Vaziri
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M Maleki, GH Farrahi, BH Jahromi, E Hosseinian
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Design of an anti-lock regenerative braking system for a series hybrid electric vehicle
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B Haghpanah, J Papadopoulos, A Vaziri
Mechanics of Materials 68, 267-274, 2014
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