Sílvia Anglès
Sílvia Anglès
CUNY Advanced Science Research Center
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Dinoflagellate cysts in recent sediments from two semi-enclosed areas of the Western Mediterranean Sea subject to high human impact
CT Satta, S Anglès, E Garcés, A Lugliè, BM Padedda, N Sechi
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 57 (3-4), 256-267, 2010
Studies on dinoflagellate cyst assemblages in two estuarine Mediterranean bays: A useful tool for the discovery and mapping of harmful algal species
CT Satta, S Anglès, A Lugliè, J Guillén, N Sechi, J Camp, E Garcés
Harmful Algae 24, 65-79, 2013
The role of resting cysts in Alexandrium minutum population dynamics
M Estrada, J Solé, S Anglès, E Garcés
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 57 (3-4), 308-321, 2010
Alexandrium minutum resting cyst distribution dynamics in a confined site
S Anglès, A Jordi, E Garcés, G Basterretxea, A Palanques
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 57 (3-4), 210-221, 2010
High-resolution spatio-temporal distribution of a coastal phytoplankton bloom using laser in situ scattering and transmissometry (LISST)
S Anglès, A Jordi, E Garcés, M Masó, G Basterretxea
Harmful Algae 7 (6), 808-816, 2008
Life-cycle alternations in Alexandrium minutum natural populations from the NW Mediterranean Sea
S Anglès, E Garcés, A Reñé, N Sampedro
Harmful Algae 16, 1-11, 2012
Gymnodinium litoralis sp. nov.(Dinophyceae), a newly identified bloom-forming dinoflagellate from the NW Mediterranean Sea
A Reñé, CT Satta, E Garcés, R Massana, M Zapata, S Anglès, J Camp
Harmful Algae 12, 11-25, 2011
Dinoflagellate cyst assemblages in surface sediments from three shallow Mediterranean lagoons (Sardinia, North Western Mediterranean Sea)
CT Satta, S Anglès, E Garcés, N Sechi, S Pulina, BM Padedda, D Stacca, ...
Estuaries and coasts 37 (3), 646-663, 2014
Responses of the coastal phytoplankton community to tropical cyclones revealed by high‐frequency imaging flow cytometry
S Anglès, A Jordi, L Campbell
Limnology and Oceanography 60 (5), 1562-1576, 2015
Natural bacterioplankton assemblage composition during blooms of Alexandrium spp.(Dinophyceae) in NW Mediterranean coastal waters
E Garcés, M Vila, A Reñé, L Alonso-Sáez, S Anglès, A Lugliè, M Masó, ...
Aquatic Microbial Ecology 46 (1), 55-70, 2007
Modulation of nearshore harmful algal blooms by in situ growth rate and water renewal
G Basterretxea, E Garcés, A Jordi, S Anglès, M Masó
Marine Ecology Progress Series 352, 53-65, 2007
Detection of microalgal resting cysts in European coastal sediments using a PCR-based assay
A Penna, C Battocchi, E Garcés, S Anglès, E Cucchiari, C Totti, A Kremp, ...
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 57 (3-4), 288-300, 2010
In situ life-cycle stages of Alexandrium fundyense during bloom development in Northport Harbor (New York, USA)
S Anglès, E Garcés, TK Hattenrath-Lehmann, CJ Gobler
Harmful Algae 16, 20-26, 2012
Influence of ocean circulation on phytoplankton biomass distribution in the Balearic Sea: Study based on sea‐viewing wide field‐of‐view sensor and altimetry satellite data
A Jordi, G Basterretxea, S Anglès
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 114 (C11), 2009
Short‐term variations in development of a recurrent toxic Alexandrium minutum–dominated dinoflagellate bloom induced by meteorological conditions1
K Van Lenning, M Vila, M Maso, E Garces, S Angles, N Sampedro, ...
Journal of Phycology 43 (5), 892-907, 2007
Nutrients, trace metals and B-vitamin composition of the Moulouya River: A major North African river discharging into the Mediterranean Sea
A Tovar-Sanchez, G Basterretxea, MB Omar, A Jordi, D Sánchez-Quiles, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 176, 47-57, 2016
Seiche-forced resuspension events in a Mediterranean harbour
A Jordi, G Basterretxea, B Casas, S Anglès, E Garcés
Continental Shelf Research 28 (4-5), 505-515, 2008
Collective sinking promotes selective cell pairing in planktonic pennate diatoms
JS Font-Muñoz, R Jeanneret, J Arrieta, S Anglès, A Jordi, I Tuval, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (32), 15997-16002, 2019
Influence of coastal upwelling and river discharge on the phytoplankton community composition in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico
S Anglès, A Jordi, DW Henrichs, L Campbell
Progress in Oceanography 173, 26-36, 2019
Morphological and molecular characterization of Bysmatrum subsalsum (Dinophyceae) from the western Mediterranean Sea reveals the existence of cryptic species
S Anglès, A Reñé, E Garcés, A Lugliè, N Sechi, J Camp, CT Satta
Journal of phycology 53 (4), 833-847, 2017
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