takashi ijiri
takashi ijiri
Shibaura Institute of Technology, RIKEN, Keio University
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Floral diagrams and inflorescences: interactive flower modeling using botanical structural constraints
T Ijiri, S Owada, M Okabe, T Igarashi
ACM SIGGRAPH 2005 Papers, 720-726, 2005
The sketch l-system: Global control of tree modeling using free-form strokes
T Ijiri, S Owada, T Igarashi
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An example‐based procedural system for element arrangement
T Ijiri, R Mech, T Igarashi, G Miller
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Lapped solid textures: filling a model with anisotropic textures
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Seamless integration of initial sketching and subsequent detail editing in flower modeling
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A procedural method for modeling the purkinje fibers of the heart
T Ijiri, T Ashihara, T Yamaguchi, K Takayama, T Igarashi, T Shimada, ...
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Region data editing apparatus, region data editing method, and recording medium
T Ijiri, H Yokota
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Flower modeling via X-ray computed tomography
T Ijiri, S Yoshizawa, H Yokota, T Igarashi
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Surface-based growth simulation for opening flowers
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Bilateral Hermite Radial Basis Functions for Contour‐based Volume Segmentation
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A kinematic approach for efficient and robust simulation of the cardiac beating motion
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Contour‐based interface for refining volume segmentation
T Ijiri, H Yokota
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A sketch-based interface for modeling myocardial fiber orientation that considers the layered structure of the ventricles
K Takayama, T Ashihara, T Ijiri, T Igarashi, R Haraguchi, K Nakazawa
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Modeling plant life in computer graphics
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Prediction of open urinary tract in laparoscopic partial nephrectomy by virtual resection plane visualization
D Ueno, K Makiyama, H Yamanaka, T Ijiri, H Yokota, Y Kubota
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Digitization of natural objects with micro CT and photographs
T Ijiri, H Todo, A Hirabayashi, K Kohiyama, Y Dobashi
PLoS One 13 (4), e0195852, 2018
ProcDef: Local‐to‐global Deformation for Skeleton‐free Character Animation
T Ijiri, K Takayama, H Yokota, T Igarashi
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Automatic spin measurements for pitched Baseballs via consumer-grade high-speed cameras
T Ijiri, A Nakamura, A Hirabayashi, W Sakai, T Miyazaki, R Himeno
Signal, Image and Video Processing 11, 1197-1204, 2017
CogKnife: Food recognition from their cutting sounds
T Kojima, T Ijiri, J White, H Kataoka, A Hirabayashi
2016 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo Workshops (ICMEW), 1-6, 2016
Example-based procedural synthesis of element arrangements
R Mech, T Ijiri, GSP Miller
US Patent 8,457,405, 2013
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