Elisabeth Gallant
Elisabeth Gallant
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Hivatkozott rá
An actionable anti-racism plan for geoscience organizations
HN Ali, SL Sheffield, JE Bauer, RP Caballero-Gill, NM Gasparini, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 1-6, 2021
Role of sills in the development of volcanic fields: Insights from lidar mapping surveys of the San Rafael Swell, Utah
JA Richardson, CB Connor, PH Wetmore, LJ Connor, EA Gallant
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How to use kernel density estimation as a diagnostic and forecasting tool for distributed volcanic vents
CB Connor, LJ Connor, A Germa, JA Richardson, MS Bebbington, ...
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A new approach to probabilistic lava flow hazard assessments, applied to the Idaho National Laboratory, eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho, USA
E Gallant, J Richardson, C Connor, P Wetmore, L Connor
Geology 46, 895–898, 2018
High-resolution DEM generation from spaceborne and terrestrial remote sensing data for improved volcano hazard assessment—A case study at Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia
F Deng, M Rodgers, S Xie, TH Dixon, S Charbonnier, EA Gallant, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 233, 111348, 2019
High-resolution ground-based magnetic survey of a buried volcano: Anomaly B, Amargosa Desert, NV
OA George, J McIlrath, A Farrell, E Gallant, S Tavarez, A Marshall, ...
Statistics in Volcanology 1 (1), 3, 2013
Volcanologists—who are we and where are we going?
JL Kavanagh, CJ Annen, S Burchardt, C Chalk, E Gallant, J Morin, ...
Bulletin of Volcanology 84 (5), 53, 2022
Statistics in volcanology
LJ Connor, CB Connor
Statistics in volcanology. Geol Soc, London, 231-242, 2006
Deep and rapid thermo-mechanical erosion by a small-volume lava flow
E Gallant, F Deng, CB Connor, TH Dixon, S Xie, JA Saballos, C Gutiérrez, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 537, 116163, 2020
A new geological slip rate estimate for the Calico Fault, eastern California: Implications for geodetic versus geologic rate estimates in the Eastern California Shear Zone
S Xie, E Gallant, PH Wetmore, PM Figueiredo, LA Owen, C Rasmussen, ...
International Geology Review 61 (13), 1613-1641, 2019
Crystallization and segregation of syenite in shallow mafic sills: insights from the San Rafael Subvolcanic field, Utah
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Probabilistically modeling lava flows with MOLASSES
JA Richardson, L Connor, C Connor, E Gallant
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Modelling eruptive event sources in distributed volcanic fields
E Gallant, L Cole, CB Connor, A Donovan, D Molisee, J Morin, R Walshe, ...
Volcanica, 2021
Modeling and assessing lava flow hazards
E Gallant
University of South Florida, 2019
A New Geological Slip Rate Estimate for the Calico Fault, Eastern California: Implications for Geodetic Versus Geologic Rate Estimates in the Eastern California Shear Zone
PH Wetmore, S Xie, E Gallant, LA Owen, TH Dixon
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2017, T51G-0553, 2017
Terrestrial Radar Interferometry and Structure-from-Motion Data from Nevado Del Ruiz, Colombia for Improved Hazard Assessment and Volcano Monitoring
M Rodgers, TH Dixon, E Gallant, CM López, R Malservisi, M Ordoñez, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2015, G41A-1017, 2015
Flexible fieldwork
AMS Marshall, JL Piatek, DA Williams, E Gallant, S Thatcher, S Elardo, ...
Nature Reviews Earth & Environment 3 (12), 811-811, 2022
Modelling eruptive source parameters in distributed volcanic fields
E Gallant, L Cole, C Connor, A Donovan, D Molisee, J Morin, R Walshe, ...
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Highs and lows: Using GPR to map cinder cones, lava flows, and lava tubes on Earth to support studies of the Moon and Mars
S Kruse, S Esmaeili, S Jazayeri, S Alfred, E Bell, C Connor, L Courtland, ...
18th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar, 432-435, 2020
Using MOLASSES, a Lava Flow Simulation Code, to Interpret the Morphology of Volcanoes: Example of Olympus Mons (Mars)
C Connor, L Connor, JA Richardson, E Gallant, D Miller
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