Scott McCoy
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Dynamic reorganization of river basins
SD Willett, SW McCoy, JT Perron, L Goren, CY Chen
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JW Kean, SW McCoy, GE Tucker, DM Staley, JA Coe
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SW McCoy, JW Kean, JA Coe, GE Tucker, DM Staley, TA Wasklewicz
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GE Tucker, SW McCoy, AC Whittaker, GP Roberts, ST Lancaster, ...
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JW Kean, JA Coe, V Coviello, JB Smith, SW McCoy, M Arattano
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HW Beeson, SW McCoy, A Keen-Zebert
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 475, 34-43, 2017
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J Jacquet, SW McCoy, D McGrath, DA Nimick, M Fahey, J O'kuinghttons, ...
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SW McCoy, JA Coe, JW Kean, GE Tucker, DM Staley, TA Wasklewicz
Italian Journal of Engineering Geology and Environment: 5th International …, 2011
Observations of debris flows at Chalk Cliffs, Colorado, USA: part 2, changes in surface morphometry from terrestrial laser scanning in the summer of 2009
DM Staley, TA Wasklewicz, JA Coe, JW Kean, SW McCOY, GE Tucker
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SD Willett, SW McCoy, HW Beeson
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JA Coe, JW Kean, SW McCoy, DM Staley, TA Wasklewicz
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The shaping of erosional landscapes by internal dynamics
JS Scheingross, AB Limaye, SW McCoy, AC Whittaker
Nature Reviews Earth & Environment 1 (12), 661-676, 2020
Geomorphic signatures of the transient fluvial response to tilting
HW Beeson, SW McCoy
Earth Surface Dynamics 8 (1), 123-159, 2020
RESEARCH FOCUS: Infrequent, large-magnitude debris flows are important agents of landscape change
SW McCoy
Geology 43 (5), 463-464, 2015
Modeling the Shape and Evolution of Normal‐Fault Facets
GE Tucker, DEJ Hobley, SW McCoy, WT Struble
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 125 (3), e2019JF005305, 2020
A lattice grain model of hillslope evolution.
GE Tucker, SW McCoy, DEJ Hobley
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Landscapes in the lab
SW McCoy
Science 349 (6243), 32-33, 2015
Controls on erosion and transport of mass by debris flows
SW McCoy
University of Colorado at Boulder, 2012
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