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Varga Orsolya
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
From big data to precision medicine
T Hulsen, SS Jamuar, AR Moody, JH Karnes, O Varga, S Hedensted, ...
Frontiers in medicine, 34, 2019
Validating animal models for preclinical research: a scientific and ethical discussion
OE Varga, AK Hansen, P Sandøe, IAS Olsson
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Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of oral-health promotion in dental caries prevention among children: systematic review and meta-analysis
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Contribution of animal models to the understanding of the metabolic syndrome: a systematic overview
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Status of complementary and alternative medicine in European medical schools
O Varga, S Márton, P Molnár
Complementary Medicine Research 13 (1), 41-45, 2006
Classification and reporting of severity experienced by animals used in scientific procedures: FELASA/ECLAM/ESLAV Working Group report
D Smith, D Anderson, AD Degryse, C Bol, A Criado, A Ferrara, NH Franco, ...
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Definitions of genetic testing in European legal documents
O Varga, S Soini, H Kääriäinen, JJ Cassiman, I Nippert, W Rogowski, ...
Journal of Community Genetics 3, 125-141, 2012
Epidermal growth factor is effective in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers: meta-analysis and systematic review
TQ Bui, QVP Bui, D Németh, P Hegyi, Z Szakács, Z Rumbus, B Tóth, ...
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Prevalence of insulin resistance in the Hungarian general and Roma populations as defined by using data generated in a complex health (interview and examination) survey
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The burden of early childhood caries in children under 5 years old in the European Union and associated risk factors: An ecological study
Z Bencze, N Mahrouseh, CAS Andrade, N Kovács, O Varga
Nutrients 13 (2), 455, 2021
Emerging resistance of neglected tropical diseases: a scoping review of the literature
FT Akinsolu, PO Nemieboka, DW Njuguna, MN Ahadji, D Dezso, O Varga
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Critical Analysis of Assessment Studies of the Animal Ethics Review Process
O Varga
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Improving transparency and ethical accountability in animal studies: three ways to link ethical approvals to publications
O Varga, AK Hansen, P Sandøe, IAS Olsson
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Autism and education—Teacher policy in Europe: Policy mapping of Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic
R van Kessel, P Steinhoff, O Varga, D Breznoščáková, K Czabanowska, ...
Research in Developmental Disabilities 105, 103734, 2020
National policies to prevent and manage cervical cancer in East African countries: A policy mapping analysis
DW Njuguna, N Mahrouseh, D Onisoyonivosekume, O Varga
Cancers 12 (6), 1520, 2020
Patent landscape of neglected tropical diseases: an analysis of worldwide patent families
FT Akinsolu, VN de Paiva, SS Souza, O Varga
Globalization and health 13 (1), 1-13, 2017
Factors associated with practice-level performance indicators in primary health care in Hungary: A nationwide cross-sectional study
N Kovács, A Pálinkás, V Sipos, A Nagy, N Harsha, L Kőrösi, M Papp, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 16 (17), 3153, 2019
Childhood caries management in the European Union: A cross-sectional study
Z Bencze, G Kovalecz, S Márton, T Gáll, N Mahrouseh, O Varga
Heliyon 7 (2), e06198, 2021
The impact of general practitioners’ gender on process indicators in Hungarian primary healthcare: a nation-wide cross-sectional study
N Kovács, O Varga, A Nagy, A Pálinkás, V Sipos, L Kőrösi, R Ádány, ...
BMJ open 9 (9), e027296, 2019
Good friend or good student? An interview study of perceived conflicts between personal and academic integrity among students in three European countries
MP Goddiksen, U Quinn, N Kovács, TB Lund, P Sandøe, O Varga, ...
Accountability in Research 28 (4), 247-264, 2021
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