Görbe Anikó
Görbe Anikó
Semmelweis University, University of Szeged
E-mail megerősítve itt: med.u-szeged.hu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
European contribution to the study of ROS: A summary of the findings and prospects for the future from the COST action BM1203 (EU-ROS)
J Egea, I Fabregat, YM Frapart, P Ghezzi, A Görlach, T Kietzmann, ...
Redox biology 13, 94-162, 2017
Connexin 43 is an emerging therapeutic target in ischemia/reperfusion injury, cardioprotection and neuroprotection
R Schulz, PM Görge, A Görbe, P Ferdinandy, PD Lampe, L Leybaert
Pharmacology & therapeutics 153, 90-106, 2015
MicroRNA-25-dependent up-regulation of NADPH oxidase 4 (NOX4) mediates hypercholesterolemia-induced oxidative/nitrative stress and subsequent dysfunction in the heart
ZV Varga, K Kupai, G Szűcs, R Gáspár, J Pálóczi, N Faragó, Á Zvara, ...
Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology 62, 111-121, 2013
MicroRNAs associated with ischemia-reperfusion injury and cardioprotection by ischemic pre-and postconditioning: protectomiRs
ZV Varga, Á Zvara, N Faragó, GF Kocsis, M Pipicz, R Gáspár, P Bencsik, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology 307 (2 …, 2014
Hypercholesterolemia increases myocardial oxidative and nitrosative stress thereby leading to cardiac dysfunction in apoB-100 transgenic mice
T Csont, E Bereczki, P Bencsik, G Fodor, A Görbe, Á Zvara, C Csonka, ...
Cardiovascular research 76 (1), 100-109, 2007
Measurement of NO in biological samples
C Csonka, T Páli, P Bencsik, A Görbe, P Ferdinandy, T Csont
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Definition of hidden drug cardiotoxicity: paradigm change in cardiac safety testing and its clinical implications
P Ferdinandy, I Baczkó, P Bencsik, Z Giricz, A Görbe, P Pacher, ZV Varga, ...
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Role of cGMP-PKG signaling in the protection of neonatal rat cardiac myocytes subjected to simulated ischemia/reoxygenation
A Gorbe, Z Giricz, A Szunyog, T Csont, DS Burley, GF Baxter, ...
Basic research in cardiology 105 (5), 643-650, 2010
Effect of hypercholesterolaemia on myocardial function, ischaemia–reperfusion injury and cardioprotection by preconditioning, postconditioning and remote conditioning
I Andreadou, EK Iliodromitis, A Lazou, A Görbe, Z Giricz, R Schulz, ...
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Cholesterol diet leads to attenuation of ischemic preconditioning-induced cardiac protection: the role of connexin 43
A Görbe, ZV Varga, K Kupai, P Bencsik, GF Kocsis, T Csont, K Boengler, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology 300 (5 …, 2011
Natural and synthetic antioxidants targeting cardiac oxidative stress and redox signaling in cardiometabolic diseases
M Barteková, A Adameová, A Görbe, K Ferenczyová, O Pecháňová, ...
Free Radical Biology and Medicine 169, 446-477, 2021
Cardiac dysfunction in cancer patients: beyond direct cardiomyocyte damage of anticancer drugs: novel cardio-oncology insights from the joint 2019 meeting of the ESC Working …
CG Tocchetti, P Ameri, RA de Boer, Y D’Alessandra, M Russo, ...
Cardiovascular research 116 (11), 1820-1834, 2020
Systematic transcriptomic and phenotypic characterization of human and murine cardiac myocyte cell lines and primary cardiomyocytes reveals serious limitations and low …
Z Onódi, T Visnovitz, B Kiss, S Hambalkó, A Koncz, B Ágg, B Váradi, ...
Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 165, 19-30, 2022
AIM2-driven inflammasome activation in heart failure
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Cardiac capsaicin‐sensitive sensory nerves regulate myocardial relaxation via S‐nitrosylation of SERCA: role of peroxynitrite
P Bencsik, K Kupai, Z Giricz, A Görbe, I Huliak, S Fürst, L Dux, T Csont, ...
British journal of pharmacology 153 (3), 488-496, 2008
Activation of PPARβ/δ protects cardiac myocytes from oxidative stress-induced apoptosis by suppressing generation of reactive oxygen/nitrogen species and expression of matrix …
E Barlaka, A Görbe, R Gáspár, J Pálóczi, P Ferdinandy, A Lazou
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Biglycan protects cardiomyocytes against hypoxia/reoxygenation injury: Role of nitric oxide
T Csont, A Görbe, E Bereczki, A Szunyog, E Aypar, ME Tóth, ZV Varga, ...
Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 48 (4), 649-652, 2010
Hyperlipidaemia induced by a high‐cholesterol diet leads to the deterioration of guanosine‐3′, 5′‐cyclic monophosphate/protein kinase G‐dependent cardioprotection in rats
Z Giricz, A Görbe, J Pipis, DS Burley, P Ferdinandy, GF Baxter
British journal of pharmacology 158 (6), 1495-1502, 2009
Cholesterol-enriched diet inhibits cardioprotection by ATP-sensitive K+ channel activators cromakalim and diazoxide
C Csonka, K Kupai, P Bencsik, A Görbe, J Pálóczi, Á Zvara, LG Puskás, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology 306 (3 …, 2014
Role of iNOS and peroxynitrite–matrix metalloproteinase-2 signaling in myocardial late preconditioning in rats
P Bencsik, K Kupai, Z Giricz, A Görbe, J Pipis, Z Murlasits, GF Kocsis, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology 299 (2 …, 2010
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