Aymeric Ramiere
Aymeric Ramiere
Associate Professor, Shenzhen University, China
E-mail megerősítve itt: szu.edu.cn - Kezdőlap
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Hivatkozott rá
Heat conduction tuning by wave nature of phonons
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Ternary Mo2NiB2 as a Superior Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting
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Understanding the Surface Reconstruction on Ternary WxCoBx for Water Oxidation and Zinc–Air Battery Applications
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Cobalt-based MOF nanoribbons with abundant O/N species for cycloaddition of carbon dioxide to epoxides
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Role of fluttering dislocations in the thermal interface resistance between a silicon crystal and plastic solid
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Thermoelectric properties and low thermal conductivity of nanocomposite ZrTe5 under magnetic field
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Role of boundary roughness on heat transport in mesoscopic silicon ribbons at low temperatures
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Pressure dependence of the thermal contact resistance at the Si/He interface
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J Li, L Weng, J Xie, J Amrit, A Ramiere
Physical Review E 105 (6), 064123, 2022
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