Stephanie R. James
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Hivatkozott rá
Fiber‐optic network observations of earthquake wavefields
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J Morris, S James
Indirect Rule and the Search for Justice: Essays on East Africa, 1894-1934, 2000
The impact of rapid sediment accumulation on pore pressure development and dehydration reactions during shallow subduction in the G ulf of A laska
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Data report: permeabilities of Expedition 320 and 321 sediments from the Pacific Equatorial Age Transect
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Data report: permeability of Expedition 344 sediments from the Costa Rica Seismogenesis Project
SR James, EJ Screaton
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Airborne geophysical surveys of the lower Mississippi Valley demonstrate system-scale mapping of subsurface architecture
BJ Minsley, JR Rigby, SR James, BL Burton, KJ Knierim, MDM Pace, ...
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Understanding the importance of water and ice dynamics at a thermokarst site with novel geophysical observations
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Sharp Permeability Transitions due to Shallow Diagenesis of Subduction Zone Sediments
S James, E Screaton
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GSpy–Standardizing Airborne Geophysical Datasets in Python
SR James, NL Foks, BJ Minsley
AGU Fall Meeting 2021, 2021
Delving Into the Cryosphere: Innovations and Discoveries Through Geophysical Observations III Oral
SR James, AM Wagner, DR Glaser, A Muto
AGU Fall Meeting 2021, 2021
High-resolution airborne electromagnetic, magnetic, and radiometric survey near Shellmound, Mississippi
BL Burton, BJ Minsley, BR Bloss, SR James, JR Rigby, WH Kress, ...
Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental …, 2021
The biophysical role of water and ice within permafrost nearing collapse: insights from novel geophysical observations
SR James, BJ Minsley, JW McFarland, ES Euskirchen, CW Edgar, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 126 (6), e2021JF006104, 2021
Closing a scale-gap in Earth observation using regional-scale airborne geophysics in the lower Mississippi Valley
B Minsley, J Rigby, S James, B Burton, K Knierim, M Pace, P Bedrosian, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU21-3508, 2021
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